Admissions Informations

A decision to seek help for a substance abuse problem is always right, but rarely is it easy. While you will exit substance abuse treatment feeling joyous, reborn, and rejuvenated, the choice to enter addiction treatment can be terrifying and anxiety inducing. New clients and their families may be struggling with feelings of confusion and fear regarding how they should best begin the process of seeking relief from addiction. They want to ensure their loved one receives the best available care, but may be uncertain of the affordability of such treatment and whether or not they will even qualify for admission.​


For this reason, the Admissions Counselors at Evolutions Treatment center have designed our admissions process to be as transparent and simple as possible so our patients know exactly what is available to them. Our compassionate admissions team will answer any questions you have regarding the treatment process as well as your insurance coverage of our treatment programs. The singular mission of our Admissions Counselors is to enable you or your loved one to receive the substance abuse treatment they so desperately need, regardless if that care is provided by Evolutions Treatment Center or another facility. 




The Evolutions Treatment Center admissions team is well versed in evaluating your specific needs and will complete an initial assessment upon your arrival to our facility so we may begin formulating your custom treatment plan.


Evolutions is a premier substance abuse treatment facility for a variety of reasons, one of which is our commitment to provide sufficient individual attention to each of our clients. To that end, our residential program maintains a limited capacity, ensuring you receive the necessary care and attention to facilitate the formation of a strong foundation in recovery.


Our inpatient treatment program has a variable length of stay based on your specific needs and recovery goals, with a minimum commitment of 30 days. Although the program is based around a standard schedule and structure, there is plenty of flexibility within this framework to accommodate your particular needs and recovery goals as you evolve in your sobriety.

Over 60 Major Insurance Groups Accepted

Our Mission is to make sure that anyone who needs treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can get the help needed to assist them on the road to recovery.