Florida Detoxification Treatment Options

The Evolutions Treatment Center clinical team tailors an individualized treatment plan to each client, regardless of the severity of drug or alcohol addiction and any related or underlying mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or personality disorders.

Our daily treatment activities for addiction recovery programs consist of a combination of therapeutic approaches that include one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy, where participants are free to share issues, challenges and advice in a safe, supportive environment.

And while Evolutions does not offer a 12-Step program per say, we are supportive of the 12 Steps and encourage Clients to leverage the benefits that a 12-Step approach can offer them. To this end, we offer optional 12-step education groups, daily support group meetings, and assistance in understanding and working through the early steps of recovery, but do not force this upon anybody and will individualize this aspect according to the individual’s desires, passed experience, and clinical recommendations.

We also offer alternative support style groups such as Smart Recovery.



Our Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Includes The following:


Detox Options

An essential cornerstone to our treatment plan is our medically supervised detox program. When a person has an substance addiction, the body develops a physical dependence on that substance. Going “cold turkey” is not as successful, and can create dangerous health risks. The solution is medically supervised detoxification, which minimizes the psychological and physical symptoms of withdrawal within a safe environment

For the most optimal treatment results, medical detoxification provides the body and mind with a “clean slate” before therapy begins. From there, a client enters one of our specialized therapy programs. Learn More about our detox treatment options.

Short-Term Treatment


Evolutions Treatment Center offers various levels of treatment, including short-term. This is for the person who has a good prognosis in admitting to treatment for a period of 30 days. Short-term treatment provides a safe and secure environment at our Ft. Lauderdale facilities, while separating patients from those environments where they became addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Find out more about our short-term drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Long-Term Treatment 


For those that suffer from more severe forms of drug and alcohol addictions, extended rehab is crucial to proper recovery. These programs provide a greater opportunity for recovery. After a post-detox 30-day treatment, the long-term drug and alcohol treatment program is customized for only the most positive results, and delivers a much more personal experience.

Our Long-term substance abuse treatment programs last three months or more, and require several hours of treatment each day for five to seven days a week with built in step-down components that assist with re-integration into mainstream life as treatment goals are met.

Transitional Rehab Programs


While involved in one of our short-term or long-term drug treatment programs, the environment is safe, and the clinical care seamless . However, as the initial phases of treatment come to an end reintegration to life prior to treatment can be challenging and sometimes returning to an old environment where addiction was present can be triggering and increase the risk of relapsing. Evolutions Treatment Center has the ultimate solution with our Transitional Rehab Programs. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), which is assisted by our Florida Transition Recovery Program, allows recovering addicts to safely transition into their new healthy lifestyle while continuing to remain in housing at our accredited facility. Programs vary, and include either day or evening IOP treatment, medication management, MAT (medication Assisted Treatment), housing, support, and supervision.



Individualized Plans

Every treatment for substance abuse is different, and this is why Evolutions Treatment Center has created individualized drug and alcohol addiction treatment plans that address each client’s unique need. Many addictions co-occur with other psychiatric disorders such as anxiety and major depression. These situations require customized treatment programs from our highly-trained clinicians: from our Nursing Assessment through our Psychiatric Evaluation and Biopsychosocial Analysis.


Learn more about how we customize addiction treatment including helping with co-occurring psychiatric disorders here.


Another piece to the drug and alcohol recovery puzzle at Evolutions Treatment center is intensive psychotherapy either on an individual or group basis. Our psychotherapy utilizes professional credentialed clinicians and is overseen by Licensed Clinical Psychologists with decades of experience working with the addicted.

This therapy focuses on overcoming root problems with anxiety, depression, personality disorders, mood disorders, low self-esteem, post-traumatic stress disorder or childhood trauma – all typical co-occurring disorders with substance addiction. This same therapy is also available in group sessions where peers assist each other in the rehabilitation process.


 Learn more about our psychotherapy for individuals and groups, as well as additional therapies offered by our Doctors and Certified Staff.

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