Recover from Addiction in Luxury Accommodations

For many individuals struggling with addiction, seeking help can be a confusing and frightening ordeal. It is often unclear whether or not detox will be necessary, what exactly treatment entails, and how to take the first steps to get the best help for your substance abuse disorder. Detox is a necessary prerequisite to successfully initiate the recovery process for a very simple reason. 


Inpatient detox is a clinically supervised, medically assisted cessation of substance use for those who have developed a physical dependence. For many struggling with drug or alcohol addiction the compulsion to use is no longer driven by pleasure, but rather to ward off the extremely unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal. The need for more drugs or alcohol is now perpetuated by the fact that intense sickness will set in if one doesn’t continue to use his or her drug of choice.


For individuals in the throes of physical dependence there is nothing that will dissuade them from continued substance abuse. Legal struggles, job loss, social and familial consequences - these may give the addict pause as they continue their addiction, but ultimately the physical craving for their substance of choice will win out. Recovery from substance abuse requires this vicious cycle be interrupted, and more often than not this interruption can only be completed through admission to a detox facility.


Many individuals are unaware of the dangers associated with abrupt discontinuation of certain drugs or alcohol without medical supervision. Detox without medical assistance can lead to seizures, dehydration, psychosis and, in severe cases, even death. A medically supervised detox by experienced, licensed and credentialed providers is not an unpleasant experience. A competent team of medical and clinical practitioners can make the process quite serene and comfortable. Additionally, detox does not need to occur in a hospital setting and can be safely accomplished in a private facility with a variety of amenities designed to promote relaxation and wellness. 


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