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Evolutions Treatment Center is a fully licensed and accredited substance abuse and behavioral health facility, complete with an on-site medically supervised detoxification facility. Upon your arrival to our beautiful inpatient center, an initial assessment will be performed by our seasoned clinicians in order to determine the appropriate level of care for your situation.


For those suffering from withdrawals, you are likely experiencing symptoms ranging from disrupted sleep and anxiety to nausea and body aches. The severity of symptoms depends on a variety of factors such as age, degree and length of substance abuse and your specific biochemistry

Medical detoxification provides your body and mind with a “clean slate” on which to form new, healthy behaviors to replace these old, damaging ones.

 A medically supervised detoxification program is essential to rid the body of accumulated substances before an individual enters inpatient treatment. By completing a medical detox as the first step of your treatment process, you will be preparing your mind and body to proceed with the intensive therapeutic techniques chosen for you as part of your customized treatment plan.


It is important to understand that when a person has been using substances regularly due to their addiction, the body will develop a physical dependence to their substance of choice. This dependence causes a chemical imbalance within the individual’s brain, which the body works to correct in order to restore balance. The chemical and physical changes which happen as a result of substance abuse means that if an addict attempts to stop using, especially “cold turkey” as most people try to do, not only is success doubtful but dangerous medical conditions may arise. Medically supervised detoxification mitigates these dangerous withdrawal symptoms in a safe, comfortable clinical environment. Detox prior to addiction treatment at Evolutions is considered an essential cornerstone to our treatment plan.

Prescription Drugs


What is the Drug Detox Process?

For those who have developed a physical dependence to drugs as a result of their addiction, medical detox is almost always a necessity in order to successfully embark on a journey in recovery. There are certain classes of drugs for which medically assisted detox treatment may not be necessary. This is why it is best to let a team of medical professionals evaluate you to determine what level of care is necessary for your situation. The seasoned clinical staff at Evolutions are well equipped to determine whether or not a medically supervised detox will be necessary for you, or whether direct admission to inpatient residential treatment would be more beneficial for your recovery journey.



Those who have developed a physical dependence on alcohol have likely experienced some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with withdrawal. These withdrawal symptoms can range from uncomfortable to deadly depending on a host of factors such as body chemistry, amount of daily alcohol consumption, and duration of the addiction. There is a very real danger of brain damage or even death if you were to attempt to cease drinking without any medical aid. At Evolutions, we have refined the industry standard detox methodology for alcoholics. Our licenced medical professionals will provide a safe, comfortable detox while you reside in our luxury facility, free from intrusion from the outside world so you may focus completely on your recovery. 



At Evolutions, we have created a tranquil, luxurious environment staffed with seasoned professionals in order to provide the safest, most comfortable detox experience possible. This multi-disciplinary team of experienced and credentialed medical and behavioral health providers will evaluate you upon arrival to determine the appropriate detox protocol for your specific addiction and situation. Our 5-14 day detox process will assist those experiencing symptoms of withdrawal stemming from extended periods of continuous substance abuse. Our expert medical staff will work diligently to assist the body in its natural detox processes while mitigating the discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms. Successful completion of our inpatient detox is a significant first step on your path to sobriety.

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