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We provide a comfortable, medically supervised, detox environment at our state- of-the-art luxury facility in Miami. This program is staffed with a multi-disciplinary team of experienced and credentialed medical and behavioral health providers.

Our 5-14 day detox process will assist those that are experiencing acute symptoms of withdrawal stemming from extended periods of continuous substance use.

Our expert medical staff will safely and comfortably guide our patients through the process of ridding the body of drugs and alcohol. Our detoxification program helps guide our patients through the initial stage of recovery by safely managing symptoms and stabilizing overall health.



In order to increase our patient’s level of comfort while remaining under our care we offer luxurious semi-private and private rooms, gourmet dining services, one on one and group therapy with licensed clinicians, support groups, case management services, discharge planning, holistic therapies, and a variety of other amenities that promote a sense of well-being.

Florida Detoxification Treatment Options


Evolutions, an addiction treatment center, is a licensed detoxification facility. An initial assessment will determine the detox level required. These symptoms can range from sleep disorders and anxiety attacks to nausea, delirium and hallucinations. The severity of symptoms depends on a variety of factors such as age, degree and length of substance abuse and physical condition.

We also have relationships with South Florida’s most reputable inpatient detoxification providers should that level of care be necessary. Collectively we are deeply experienced in administering detox treatment while alleviating more severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Medical detoxification provides both the body and the mind with a “clean slate” with which to work.


A medically supervised detoxification program is essential to rid the body of accumulated substances before an individual is placed into addiction treatment. Medical detoxification provides both the body and the mind with a “clean slate” to work with in order to begin therapy. By detoxing at the commencement of the treatment process, each Evolutions Client readies him or herself to proceed with more intensive therapeutic approaches based off of an Individualized Treatment Plan.

It is important to understand that when a person has an addiction, the body will develop a physical dependence to the addictive substance. This creates chemical changes within the individual’s brain. The chemical and physical changes which happen as a result of substance abuse means that any personal attempt to stop using the substance, especially “cold turkey” as most people try to do, will not be successful and can create dangerous health risks. Medically supervised detoxification minimizes the psychological and physical symptoms that happen due to withdrawal within a safe environment. Detox prior to addiction treatment at Evolutions is considered an essential cornerstone to our treatment plan.




For those seeking alcohol or substance abuse disorder treatment for the first time, or past attempts at recovery have proven unsuccessful; or if you are seeking licensed PHP, IOP, or OP Mental Health programs:  please complete this simple form.

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