Family Weekend Program

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family.

In fact, some children who grow up watching their parent in active addiction may end up abusing drugs or alcohol later in their life. Alternatively, some mothers, fathers, and caretakers worry when they notice a sudden shift in their teenager or adult child and suspect drug use to be the cause. It could even be the husband or wife who watches helplessly as their significant other slips down the viscous cycle of addiction. Whomever it is, addiction has the ability to impact more than just the individual who is abusing the drugs.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information says that the impact of addiction can extend even beyond immediate family members. Some may make attempts to protect them from legal trouble while others shun them as a result of their drug and alcohol use. The reactions to a loved one suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol can vary, and they can even be detrimental to the addicted individual as well as to the family as a whole.

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we are very concerned with all of whom are affected by this devastating disease and, as a leading alcohol and drug rehab center, we are committed to each individual’s healing.

Treating the Addict, Treating the Family

While your loved one is undergoing the treatment process, we invite you to take part in our free Family Therapy workshops where you can learn about addiction and address the issues that have damaged relationships because of it.

Each member of our professional staff at Evolutions provides support to promote a healthy family dynamic, and cultivate trusting relationships.

The Evolutions Family Program is uniquely designed to provide family members of addicts with tools that will empower them to create life free from the influences of addiction.

These skills include a broadened self-awareness, understanding of family dynamics, and increase communication abilities.


The Family Program Vision

The Family Program is committed to:

  • •Counseling sessions that help to restore healthy family dynamics and heal mutually supportive relationships.

  • •Therapy sessions that address issues that have developed due to substance abuse.

  • •Giving tools that promote happy, profitable and functioning lives.

  • •Providing helpful resources, distinctive to Evolutions, for you to use before, during, and after your loved one enters treatment.

  • •Helping family members understand addiction and how it has affected the life of their loved one going through treatment.


Evolutions Alumni Program

The Alumni Program endeavors to provide critical support to members of The Evolutions family. We enjoy keeping in contact via phone calls, emails and social media.

The Evolutions Alumni Program is designed to keep the patients, along with their families, involved and connected with us after treatment is complete.

Family members play a critical role in the lives of recovering addicts by helping them stay connected to people that have a positive influence in their life.

Not only will it maximize the potential for long-term sobriety, but it will also enrich their lives with the opportunity to help others that are battling addiction just as they did.


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Evolutions is pleased to provide a family education program scheduled each month to offer support and education for family members of patients at our facilities. The Family Weekend Program at Evolutions Treatment Center is offered once a month to significant friends and family members concerned about the well being of the patient. The program is considered and essential part of your family member’s treatment. Significant friends and family members are encouraged to attend. This program will greatly improve your family members opportunity to achieve and enjoy a happy and healthy recovery! Children ages 14 and older are invited to attend only if they are considered mature and able to manage the intense discussions and feelings often experienced during the weekend.

The Family Weekend program at Evolutions Treatment Center is offered to friends and family members concerned about the well being of chemically dependent individuals receiving treatment at Evolutions. All family members and concerned persons involved in the patient’s treatment are invited to participate with the patient’s and primary therapists’ consent.


The Family Weekend Program’s goals are:

  • To educate the family regarding concepts of addiction, recovery, relapse prevention, addiction in the family system, co-occurring disorders and 12 STEP philosophy and process.

  • To identify and put into practice concrete methods of Supporting vs Enabling the chemically dependent individual. 

  • To improve coping skills to manage the emotional and behavioral responses to addiction in the family system.

  • To provide social and emotional support.

  • To offer a therapeutic forum to aid in the process of rebuilding trust in the family system.