An Individualized Addiction Treatment Plan in Florida



No two people who come to Evolutions Treatment Center seeking help with their substance abuse have endured the same struggles in life or in their addiction. This is why we have developed a flexible continuum of care which allows us to create custom tailored treatment plans for each of our clients. This treatment plan undergoes constant updating and reevaluation as you complete our nursing assessment, psychiatric evaluation, and biopsychosocial analysis. As you progress in your program of recovery while at Evolutions, our clinical team will track your achievements and milestones in order to ensure your ongoing treatment plan reflects the best course of action to address your recovery needs and goals.


The clinical team here at Evolutions are also acutely aware of the prevalence of co-occurring mental disorders among addicts, and are well-qualified to identify and treat these disorders in our clients. Our goal is to ensure your best possible chance at achieving recovery, and to that end we have assembled a seasoned team of psychiatric professionals more than capable of helping you stabilize your mental health in order to provide you the best chance at sustained sobriety.

Co-occurring psychiatric disorders can include:

  • Major depression

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

  • Panic disorder

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder

Upon arrival at our beautiful inpatient facility, you will undergo a comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessment so we may craft a custom tailored treatment plan which addresses your unique recovery needs and goals.

Our psychiatric and clinical staff are unmatched in their training, expertise, and in their commitment to helping all of our clients achieve lasting recovery no matter what their specific circumstances or challenges. As part of this mission, our clinical teams work tirelessly to guide our clients through the early stages of their recovery, evaluating their progress and tweaking their treatment plans as needed to create an environment conducive to their achieving long term recovery.


In addition to this top-notch care – the cutting edge medicinal and therapeutic standards – Evolutions Treatment Center further enriches your drug and alcohol addiction treatment program with a range of holistic therapies designed to enhance your sense of peace and serenity while encouraging physical and mental healing in the course of your treatment. We encourage you to contact our Admissions Counselors today so we may answer any questions you have and begin working on the development of your treatment plan.