Long-Term Addiction Treatment Programs

When it comes to established addiction treatment programs, there are two main styles: outpatient programs and inpatient programs. As you might have guessed, outpatient programs allow patients to receive treatment while continuing to live at home, attending treatment sessions during the day or in the evening depending on their schedule. By comparison, inpatient programs involve the patient’s remaining at the facility for the duration of their treatment, residing in a residential facility in order to maximize their available time to focus on their recovery. Evolutions Treatment Center is licensed to provide what is known as Day/Night Treatment with Community Housing, Outpatient Treatment, IOP (Intensive Outpatient), Outpatient Detox, and Residential 5 levels of care.

Addiction recovery programs can be further classified into short-term and long-term programs. Between the two, long-term programs are considered the most effective in helping clients achieve sustained sobriety. Let’s examine some of the reasons behind this fact.

​What does Long-term Treatment At Evolutions Treatment Center Entail?


At Evolutions, our long-term programs are a form of addiction treatment in which patients attend our recovery programs for a period of three months or more. Short-term programs typically last for a period of approximately one month, while long-term programs require much more of a time commitment. However, it is not just the duration of treatment that distinguishes our long-term program from our short-term program. As a result of the greater treatment length, patients are able to incorporate more therapeutic techniques into their treatment plan than would be possible in a short-term program. The reason for this is simple - in our short-term program, we focus on the most pressing concerns as they relate to your addiction in order to ensure they are properly handled in the course of treatment. On the other hand, our long-term programs are able to meet those essential needs with enough time remaining to incorporate additional treatment therapies and techniques in order to further secure your sobriety. In short, long-term treatment programs are able to provide a more effective and personalized experience.

What is the Long-Term Treatment Process?

Completing a long-term treatment program is a very different experience from completing a short-term program. One of the reasons behind this difference is the increased level of personalization available in a long-term program, including alternative methods of treatment not available in short-term treatment programs. There are other significant differences between short and long term programs as well, so let’s consider the overall process you can expect as you complete a long-term addiction treatment program.


Once you have made the decision to commit to a long-term substance abuse treatment program, the first thing you will do is complete the intake process. In layman’s terms, intake is the process by which our clinical team will evaluate your medical status, severity of addiction, and other contributing factors to your substance abuse disorder so they may establish your treatment plan. This treatment plan will include the proposed duration of your treatment program, based on both your clinical assessment and your personal recovery goals and preferences. The other important facet of your specific treatment plan that will be established during intake is your proposed path through our continuum of care, including IOP, OP, and Aftercare programs..


At Evolutions, our established continuum of care allows for treatment to be delivered in a manner appropriate to each client’s specific situation and recovery goals, with intensity of treatment being modulated as you progress in your recovery and meet established goals. This type of step-based recovery program has proven effective for our clients time and time again, as it provides motivation for you to meet your recovery goals and is flexible enough to meet you where you are in your sobriety, providing the right amount of support for you and your evolving needs.


How Do I Know if a Long-Term Treatment Program is Right for Me?


Long-term substance abuse treatment programs offer the maximum amount of support and intensity of treatment; as such, they are shown to be the most effective option for those seeking recovery, especially if you have attempted sobriety in the past. However, despite being recognized as the most effective form of treatment, a long-term inpatient program is not necessarily the best choice for your specific recovery needs and goals.


One of the biggest drawbacks which can inhibit your enrolling in long-term treatment is the required time commitment to the program. Most long-term recovery programs require patients to reside at the treatment facility for the majority of their treatment, which may not be ideal or even feasible for you and your particular situation. Due to these prerequisites for long-term treatment, some patients decline to enroll in such a program, preferring instead to opt for a short-term treatment or even outpatient services. However, the benefits of a long-term treatment program far outweigh the drawbacks associated with this time commitment. If it is possible for you to dedicate the required time to a long-term treatment program, your recovery would certainly benefit from your participation in all of the therapies these programs have to offer while residing in a safe, comfortable environment free from the concerns of the outside world.


Prescription Drugs

When seeking treatment for drug addiction, it is imperative to take into account your unique circumstances. Drug addiction is a complex disease, and prolonged substance abuse will take its toll on the mind and the body. Heavy and repetitive use of substances such as opiates, benzodiazepines, marijuana, and cocaine can have devastating and protracted health effects if use is allowed to continue.


Evolutions Treatment Center is a luxury substance abuse and behavioral health facility located in beautiful South Florida. Here at Evolutions, we have developed personalized and adaptable programs of care designed to holistically treat your substance abuse disorder. Whether an individual is seeking outpatient, inpatient, short or long-term care, the objective is to create a personalized drug addiction treatment plan that maximizes your chance at achieving recovery.


Alcoholics face overwhelming pressure in a society full of enticing advertisements and easy access to their preferred intoxicant. One of the most widely studied diseases, years of alcohol abuse has been shown to inflict substantial damage to the brain, interfering with your ability to process information, form memories, and leading to crippling health issues.


Though alcohol addiction is a widespread epidemic, each alcoholic experiences the disease in their own unique way. There is no single identified cause of alcoholism; however, this does not mean treatment of the disease is impossible. With proper medical, psychological, and behavioral care and therapy, alcoholics can achieve sobriety and long term recovery.


Evolutions Treatment Center is highly regarded as one of the top substance abuse treatment facilities in South Florida, which is itself known as the recovery capital of the world. With personalized and adaptable programs designed to optimize individual patient care administered in a luxurious and comfortable environment, you can rest assured your needs will be well cared for during your stay at Evolutions. Whether you are seeking outpatient, inpatient, short or long term care, our goal is to tailor a treatment plan with your specific needs and recovery goals in mind.

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Those who suffer from a severe mental illness are faced with substantial struggles in their life. When this mental health disorder is compounded by a substance abuse disorder, their situation becomes even more precarious. Co-occurring substance abuse disorder arises when a person has an ongoing, untreated mental illness which they are attempting to alleviate, knowingly or otherwise, through self-medication using alcohol or narcotics.


Serious mental disorders like PTSD, clinical depression, personality disorders or anxiety disorders complicate the recovery process. These diagnoses must be treated concurrent to your substance abuse treatment in order to provide you with the chance to achieve sustained sobriety. Whether an individual is seeking short or long term care in either an inpatient or outpatient setting, our goal here at Evolutions is to formulate an effective treatment plan which maximizes your chance of success in sobriety.


Evolutions Treatment Center is a world-class substance abuse and behavioral health rehabilitation center with licensed and accredited mental health programs, offering a continuum of care which supports patients in the crucial early stages of their sobriety. For those patients suffering co-occurring mental health diagnoses, our seasoned clinical staff are well-versed in treating serious mental health disorders in tandem with your substance abuse treatment, ensuring you have the greatest chance of achieving sustained sobriety.