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Luxury Transitional Rehabilitation Program


One of the more dangerous times in early recovery is when a person leaves the care of inpatient treatment. They go from an environment where they are surrounded by clinicians and other people engaged in recovery, receiving all of the support necessary to prevent a relapse, to a more autonomous environment in the real world, where they will have to make decision for themselves and they won’t be shielded from temptation or stress. They have to assimilate back into life by finding a place to live, a job, and if they are in a new city, they have to learn how to navigate an entirely new setting. All of this can cause a tremendous amount of stress on an individual and without the proper support it can lead to an unraveling of their recovery.

With said that though. Many people choose to enter into a sober living environment, like the one offered through our Florida luxury transitional living, in order to receive continued support and structure during the precarious time after their completion of an inpatient program. They find that by having a transitional sober living option, coupled with continued IOP treatment, they are better able to handle the real world, and their recovery, because they are not just being thrown back into life without a safety net. We here at Evolutions Treatment Center believe this wholeheartedly, and we have found that with the continued care and observation made possible by a structured IOP program, working in conjunction with our Florida Transition Recovery Program, every one of our clients gains the extra support, encouragement and guidance they need in order to lead an independent and lasting recovery.


Our Facility


Our Florida luxury transitional living includes either day or evening IOP level treatment, medication management, housing, support, and supervision. What is being offered is far more than your typical halfway house or sober living, because it offers the structure and services necessary to give you the greatest possible chance at maintaining your recovery. It acts as a bridge between the extensive care offered during inpatient treatment and the self-care necessary once you are completely out in the real world, and by having this bridge you are able to transition smoothly into a happy life of recovery.

Many addicts and alcoholics lack the skills necessary to care for themselves in a meaningful way without help in the beginning of their recovery. Some do not know how to cook or shop for themselves. Some do not know how to clean their living area, and some do not know how to do laundry. This is not because they are incapable of doing these things, but rather because they spent years abusing drugs and alcohol and so engaging in these types of activities were not really possible. The aim of treatment, and then a halfway house after is to give the individual the tools necessary so that they can stay sober on their own, as productive members of society.

We do however have some requirements for people wanting to live at our Florida luxury transitional living, and these requirements are to ensure the success and safety of our clients.



The following are the requirements for this exclusive program:

  • Minimum one month overall program commitment. This program extends from one month to a maximum 1 year stay.

  • Complete our brief application process.

  • One week of full day IOP with structure to ensure the stability, suitability, and appropriateness of each Client.

  • After the one full week of day IOP with structure, we require Clients in the program to attend either day IOP or evening IOP services, at a minimum 3 sessions per week.

  • To ensure accountability and safety, we require Clients to comply with random drug and alcohol testing.

  • We expect Clients to be able to function at a high level, including abiding by all facility rules and be actively involved in their integration into the community, and sober productive living schedules.


We believe that these requirements allow all of the clients in our sober living to be on the same page as to what is expected of them and removes some of the confusion that can come from leaving the structure of a treatment program.





















Need Help Finding Treatment?

If you believe you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and want to seek help, then call the highly credentialed professionals at Evolutions Treatment Center today at 1-866-771-7091. We can help you find the right treatment program you need in order to finally overcome your addiction and get you on the path to recovery.  We understand how difficult it can be to ask for help and many of our trained staff members have been in your position before. They intimately know what you are going through and because of this, they know how to best serve you and your individual needs. There is no need to continue to fight on your own, give yourself a break, and give us a call today.



*Transportation is available for all our clinical care

**Fees for Transitional Living and Clinical Care will be discussed upon inquiry