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For many individuals struggling with addiction, the process of seeking help can be confusing and frightening. It is often unclear when detox is necessary, what the process entails, and how to take the first steps to get the appropriate level of help. Detox is a necessary pre-requisite to initiating the recovery process, which is relatively easy to explain.  


Simply put, detox is a medically supervised method to safely stop using substances that have been taken  habitually and led to physical dependence. For many struggling with drug or alcohol addiction the compulsion to use has long since been driven by pleasure, but rather to ward off the extremely unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal that accompany immediate cessation of use. The need for more drugs or alcohol become driven by the fact that intense sickness will set in if one doesn’t continue to use his or her drug of choice.


For alcohol or substance dependent individuals, in-spite of legal, occupational,  social, or familial consequences establishing good reasons to stop; the extreme physical and mental urges to use may make this virtually impossible without a medically supervised taper. The first step to sobriety is to stop use, which often stems from a safe detox process.


Many individuals don’t realize that in addition to unpleasant physical symptoms, abrupt discontinuation of certain drugs or alcohol without medical supervision can lead to seizures, dehydration, psychosis, or in severe cases death. A medically supervised detox by experienced licensed and credentialed providers does not need to be unpleasant. A good team of medical and clinical practitioners can make the process quite pleasant and comfortable. Additionally, detox does not need to occur in a hospital setting and can be safely accomplished in a private facility with a variety of amenities designed to promote overall wellness.  



We offer all of our Clients:

  • Brand-new furniture in all of our common areas and residences

  • Large flat-screen televisions in every unit and common areas

  • Beautiful hard wood flooring

  • Central air conditioning throughout

  • Yoga and Meditation Classes

  • Outdoor activities

  • A complete high-end campus

  • State of the Art Culinary Chef

  • Quiet room / Library

  • Outdoor Relaxation Area

  • Luxurious Gaming Center 

  • Movie Theater

  • Spa

  • Hair salon

  • Putting Green Golf Area

  • Outdoor Movie Theater

We spare no expense and skimp on no amenity when it comes to ensuring that our Clients feel safe and secure and free from temptation and negative external elements, and as such, we offer:

  • 24-hour security

  • 24-hour professional staffing

  • A gated community to ensure Client privacy

From our airport pickup service to our fleet of Mercedes for transporting Clients into town to shop, we provide the utmost in luxury, making the recovery journey a positive one, and one that is experienced in style and safety.


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