What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness, like that which is taught at my Florida Mindfulness training, means paying full attention to the present moment without judgment. It is living life with your eyes open. The idea behind mindfulness is that we can be our best and do our best when we are in the here and now, and that focusing on the past or present only serves to distract us from reaching our true potential. As simple of an idea as this may be, implementing it into our daily lives can sometimes prove troublesome.

Many of us have trouble with staying in the present moment. This is not because we do not have a desire to be in the here and now, but rather because the way that modern society is laid out for us, essentially creates conditions which make it nearly impossible to stay in the moment. From the minute we awake we are aware of the responsibilities of the day. The minute we open our eyes we are aware of what are required to do at work, or what we will have to do for our family, and so almost instantly upon awakening we begin to plan out the day. Doing so, and having to meet the demands of modern society means that our ability to stay in the present can sometimes be severely lacking and that is where my Florida Mindfulness training comes in.


How Can Being Mindful Help?

Through Florida Mindfulness training you will be given the tools you need in order to stop avoiding the present and start living your life as it comes. You will begin to experience life as it should be experienced, through the lens of the present moment, and not through the shade of past trauma or future fear. Very often the experiences we have had in the past, or the pain we are experiencing in the present will cause us to avoid ourselves and avoid the present moment. While this for a time can work as a coping mechanism for dealing with pain, in the end it only results in denying the individual true freedom in their life, and never allows them to really process what they have been through, or what they are currently going through.

However, when an individual learns how to live in the here and now, they are able to truly experience their life and in turn they are able to finally deal with the issues of remorse, guilt and shame that may have plagued them for years. Plus, this form of therapy is inclusive and anyone can benefit from it regardless of their past, and regardless of what they are currently struggling with. It is not some esoteric teaching, but rather it is just the ability to be aware of the present and live in the moment. It is the practice of living how we, as humans were designed to live, and it does not require anything special or any added ability. It is simply getting in touch with your innate human ability to be present.

While all of that may sound good and well, many people may still wonder how my Florida Mindfulness training can help them, especially when their primary way of coping is to escape the present moment. They may think that being present with the pain they feel is neither wise nor healthy and that by taking away this coping mechanism they will be left without defense against their pain. This however is not the case, and the effectiveness of mindfulness is backed by decades of research and has been found to have a multitude of physical and emotional benefits. Those who practice mindfulness regularly are less likely to get caught up in worry and regret, and are better equipped to make deeper connections with themselves and others. Physical benefits include lowering blood pressure, reducing chronic pain, and improving sleep.

Sometimes life feels painful and avoiding the present seems like the only choice. To face the pain seems to be too much to handle and so the first response to this is to want to run away. Unfortunately, that does not help one’s struggles and typically only worsens the problem in the long-term. Mindfulness is saying: let’s be here now, let’s work this through effectively in this moment so that we can ultimately live the life we want. It is about feeling everything that we feel as humans and not denying ourselves the ability to process and heal. It is about becoming whole again and living life as it comes, for better or for worse.



Mindfulness Training in Florida

Through experiential practice in individual and group sessions you will learn ways to practice and cultivate mindfulness in your everyday life, while simultaneously finding the relief you have been searching for. So if you have been searching far and wide for relief from pain, know that your journey has ended, because the answer you seek is right here in this moment—right here in front of you.

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