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Outpatient treatment (also known as aftercare) is the final step down in our continuum of care, usually following successful completion of our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP).

Our outpatient treatment aids our clients as they work to build on the progress they achieved in our PHP and IOP programs. The goal of outpatient treatment at Evolutions is to assist your continued growth in sobriety by maintaining a strong connection between you and your community of support here at Evolutions.

Patients receive the support they need to ensure long-lasting sobriety, and focus is placed on education for ongoing recovery and refining longer-term recovery plans.


Our OP programs offer daily care ranging from l to 9 hours per week.

Outpatient groups run from 1 to 2 hours each.

Our outpatient programs offer weekly treatment sessions ranging from one to nine hours per week. The duration of these group sessions ranges from one to two hours each. The goal of these group sessions is to address any recovery obstacles currently experienced by group members, who will brainstorm potential solutions for these problems with each other. 


This level of care is useful as a means to gradually transition from a clinical setting to your new life in recovery outside of treatment, offering a modicum of support and continued connection to your therapist while structured to require a small time commitment each week.

What is Outpatient / Aftercare?

At Evolutions, our outpatient treatment program is a supplementary but critical component of our treatment process, as it has a demonstrable positive effect on our client’s success in their recovery by enabling a healthy continuation of the progress made in our residential and IOP programs within a less intensive schedule.


This level of treatment is designed specifically for patients who have stepped through the entire continuum of care at Evolutions, from residential to PHP to IOP. While successful completion of these programs is not a requirement for enrollment in our outpatient program, it is highly recommended as OP is designed to build on the progress made in those programs. Outpatient treatment provides a safety net as you continue to reintegrate back into society as a sober individual, minimizing your risk of relapse and ensuring your success in recovery.


Group therapy sessions are the primary form of treatment utilized in our outpatient program. These sessions help strengthen the connections between you and others actively participating in the program, while facilitating thought-provoking discussions about common struggles encountered in early sobriety and methods to overcome them.

Who is our Aftercare program meant for?

Our Outpatient program is specifically designed for:

  • Those that have successfully completed a higher level of treatment at Evolutions and whose clinical team has determined are ready to move on to a less structured treatment program.

  • Those that have established an active lifestyle in recovery and have demonstrated the ability to handle their responsibilities such as school and work. While they have made substantial progress in their recovery, these individuals can still benefit from the continued support and treatment provided in our outpatient program.


What does our outpatient program consist of?

Some of the services provided in our Outpatient / Aftercare program include:

  • Evening Groups (6 hour) on a weekly basis

  • Individual Counseling sessions on a weekly basis

  • Family Counseling as needed

  • Substance Abuse Education and Relapse-Prevention Skills

  • Co-Occurring Disorders Therapy

  • Trauma Recovery Therapy

  • Life-Skills Training

  • Employment/Educational Support Systems

  • Motivational Training

  • Case Management Services

  • Legal Case / Court Assistance

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