When you come to Evolutions for addiction treatment, we do everything in our power to help you feel comfortable during this transitional period. We understand you’ve been removed from everything that’s familiar to you: your home, family, friends, and even your job. In light of this jarring removal from your familiar surroundings, the comforting bond your pet provides is a valuable asset in this early stage of your recovery, which is why Evolutions Treatment Center is a pet-friendly treatment facility.


The unconditional love your pet provides can help engender feelings of comfort and relaxation, which is conducive to the therapeutic processes undertaken during your treatment. Having your pet with you in rehab can also help ease any feelings of loneliness or social anxiety you may experience as you work through the phases of your addiction treatment.​

The Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to Treatment

A pet is a substantial responsibility, and your taking on the care of another living thing can foster feelings of accomplishment and improved self-worth. The benefits of bringing your pet to treatment may include:

  • Decreased loneliness while away from familiar surroundings

  • Reduced stress levels through the phases of addiction treatment

  • Increased feelings of purpose and self-worth

  • Increased physical activity, which promotes healing and well-being


For some, the idea of leaving their beloved pet behind may delay or even prohibit their agreeing to enter substance abuse treatment. The knowledge that you are permitted to bring your pet along with you to treatment can make all the difference in the world when deciding to change your life and end the vicious cycle of addiction.​


Why Choose Evolutions for Pet-Friendly Rehab?

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we specialize in treating substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. We provide safe, compassionate care in a serene and comfortable residential setting where clients can focus on their treatment and recovery from addiction without interference from external pressures and stressors.​

  • Upon admission, you will undergo comprehensive neuropsychological testing and assessment to determine any underlying diseases contributing to your addiction. We are equipped to properly diagnose and treat an extensive range of illnesses and disorders, and will create a personalized medication strategy tailored to your specific condition and goals, monitoring your progress and making appropriate adjustments throughout the course of your treatment.

  •  Our expert clinical team provides individual therapy using proven evidence-based modalities for addiction treatment. These therapeutic techniques, when used in conjunction with medication assistance and our holistic treatments, offer clients a strong foundation in sobriety as well as substantial healing from the damage done by their addiction.

  • After our thorough neuropsychological and psychological testing and assessments, we will create a treatment plan customized to your needs and based on your recovery goals. This treatment plan will incorporate our broad variety of holistic therapies that offer profound healing as we help you formulate strategies for overcoming the toughest obstacles.

  • Our luxurious and exclusive amenities and activities help our clients reconnect with their body, nurture their spirit, and reignite a passion and zeal for life which addiction had taken from them. One of the additional benefits of treatment at Evolutions is our pet-friendly accommodations, available to clients in private rooms.

  • Pet-Friendly Options. We offer pet-friendly accommodations to clients in private rooms.


Lasting Change for a Better Life

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we create the best possible pet-friendly rehab experience. We specialize in treating addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Our innovative clinical programs give you an opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

We provide safe, compassionate care in a serene residential setting where clients can focus on their treatment and recovery without the worries of external pressures and stressors.

If you’re ready to learn more about our bringing your pet to rehab, please contact us at 833 818 3031.