6 Strategies to Help You Face Your Day with Exuberance and "Joie De Vivre"

by Autumn Hahn, LMHC, CHT, @ evolutions detox center

1. Begin each day with gratitude. Find the little things in life and show appreciation for them. Fresh food? Wonderful! Clean clothes? What a delight! Remember that not everyone has it as good as you and take pleasure in the things many people overlook.

2. Strike a functional work-life balance. Work during work time and do not work during your off time. If your job has spill over, see if it can be absorbed by someone who is still on the clock, or if your hours can be limited to include only some of those tasks that need to be done after hours. Cherish your free time and schedule it just like you schedule work. Turn the phone off when spending time doing other things that matter to you, like being with your family or managing your health.

3. Live in the moment. Let go of the things that are not happening right now, for they do not exist. Things that have happened are no longer happening. Things that you fret might happen are not happening right now. Make plans, but relinquish your hold over life, because it is impossible and unrealistic. Deal with what is happening now and simplify your worry list.

4. Engage with your hobbies at least weekly. If you can find time to engage in hobbies daily (with work-life balance), do so. But, hobby depending, that may not be an option. It relaxes the mind and body to do the things you enjoy and makes the day feel more full and complete.

5. Include music in your life each day. Music has math in it and listening to music changes your mood and the way you process information. It’s good for you, and you can choose the genres that most appeal to you with the same benefit.

6. Socialize with people who uplift you and care about you. A phone call is sufficient if a get together is not possible. Invite people into your hobbies. Invite them into your life and your day. Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile on a drive and just say hello. People love to know you’re thinking of them and want to tell them so. Surround yourself with the sort of people who spark your ideas, support you, and love you, and that you love.