A Few Things to Know about Inpatient Treatment

Many addicts never recover for their substance abuse disorder simply because they are maintaining some false beliefs about addiction treatment which discourage them from seeking help. These inaccurate ideas range from simple misinformation to outrageous flights of fantasy. Allow us to clear the air and give you an accurate overview of what really goes on during a client’s stay at an inpatient treatment center.

First, there is a common misconception that when a person enrolls in a substance abuse treatment facility, they are entirely at the mercy of the clinical team in terms of treatment modalities utilized, duration of treatment, and ability to interact with family and loved ones. This could not be further from the truth! While the clinical team at Evolutions will set parameters in place to keep your recovery on track, it is our goal to help you grow and thrive in sobriety, not stifle you. We work with each client to develop a custom treatment plan with clearly defined goals, along with an estimated completion date and a timeline to reconnect you with family and loved ones. Your input is taken into consideration during this entire process, and you are free to depart treatment at any time should you feel compelled to do so.

Speaking of departing treatment early, it is important to address the AMA process and how it can ruin your early sobriety. As previously stated, you are free to leave treatment at any time according to our AMA policy. However, we cannot place enough emphasis on the importance of finishing treatment successfully in order to succeed in recovery. Treatment, like recovery, is a process, and terminating that process before its completion will absolutely inhibit your ability to move forward in your recovery. Most everyone experiences strong waves of emotion in early sobriety, and often these waves cause irrational thoughts to pop up - thoughts like “I cannot be in treatment, my family needs me too much” or “ I need to get back to work immediately and fix my mistakes” or “I’m cured now, I don’t need to stick around for the rest of this”. These are thoughts borne from our irrational mind, and they will drive you right back to active addiction if you allow yourself to act upon them. Above all else, as you enter inpatient treatment, you should remain open to suggestions and listen to the opinions of your clinical team, who know better than you what is needed for you to successfully recover. There is virtually never a good reason for a client to depart treatment against medical advice, so do not make this terrible decision and sabotage your own recovery so early on in the process.

Inpatient treatment is the next logical step after you have successfully completed detox, and is the best way to set yourself up for success in sobriety. For those new to sobriety, there are a lot of rumors and false information floating around regarding inpatient treatment - do not buy into these lies! At Evolutions, our treatment plans are built around your specific circumstances, providing you an appropriate amount of freedom along with clearly defined goals and a timeline for treatment. So long as you remain committed to sobriety and willing to listen to suggestions, your time at inpatient treatment will be incredibly rewarding and hopefully somewhat enjoyable. If you have any additional questions about inpatient treatment at Evolutions, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 any time, day or night, so you can get the facts about how inpatient treatment really works!