A Quick Quiz to See How Strong your Recovery Program Is

Our stability in sobriety is entirely dependent on the strength of our recovery program. In light of this reality, it is important you stay vigilant and dedicated to working a thorough and vigorous program of recovery, lest you rest on your laurels and allow yourself to become vulnerable to relapse. Take this quiz to see where you stand in terms of the strength of your recovery program so you can determine if you need to step up your game for the sake of your sobriety!

True or False:

  1. You are an active member of at least one homegroup.

  2. You have a sponsor who has a sponsor.

  3. You sponsor others in your 12-step program of choice.

  4. You practice prayer and meditation daily.

  5. You make a daily gratitude list.

  6. You complete a daily 10th step inventory and follow through on those amends.

  7. You maintain an awareness of your shortcomings and strive to eliminate them in your daily life.

If you answered false to more than two of these questions, you need to reevaluate your commitment to sobriety and a program of recovery as your effort does not demonstrate willingness. The more sober time we accrue, the more likely we are to slack off on our recovery program as we forget how we got to where we are in our recovery. The gifts our sobriety gives us serve as distractions from our efforts in our 12-step program - we grow and expand our lives thanks to our recovery and opt for activities we feel are more fun and rewarding than those which directly contribute to our sobriety.

Any questions to which you answered false should be examined, and those underlying activities should be approached with a renewed vigor so that you may continue your growth in sobriety. For example, perhaps you have stopped making a daily gratitude list, allowing feelings of envy and inadequacy to fester within your mind. As soon as we stop feeling grateful in our daily lives, we are quick to feel frustration and anger, both of which lead directly to relapse.

The purpose of our recovery program is to keep us spiritually fit, maintaining our positive outlook on life so that we can meet any challenge we face with confidence and effectiveness. When we slack off on our program, we invite doubt and negativity into our lives, undoing the progress we have made and opening ourselves up to relapse. This is why recovery is described as a life-long journey, an infinite path of self-discovery and broadening of our relationship with our higher power. Always remember, sobriety has given us all we have in our lives today, and the moment we assign a higher priority to something else in our lives, we will lose our sobriety and all it has given us. Maintain your dedication to your recovery program and the gifts of sobriety will continue to come your way!

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