A Tidy Home Makes a Tidy Mind

In our active addiction we thrived in chaos, allowing disorder and messiness to reign supreme in our homes and lives. Now that you are attempting recovery, you need to let go of this pattern of disorganization both in your mind and in your environment. One great way to foster this transition from disorder to order is through keeping your home neat and clean. A clean and organized environment encourages a similarly clear and organized mind, enabling you to focus your thoughts on the present and your efforts at recovery.

Taking the time to organize your living space on a daily basis, as well as perform a more thorough cleaning on a weekly basis, is a great first step towards establishing a routine in sobriety. As soon as you depart residential treatment and move on to either a sober living facility or back to your home, you should take the initiative and clean your living space so you are faced with a refreshed environment in which to thrive in recovery. It will take time and discipline to establish cleaning as a new habit in your life, but the effort is well worth the reward as a neat and organized living environment is a much more peaceful space in which to reside.

Getting into a habit of cleanliness is especially important for those of us who choose to reside in a sober living facility. Often you will be sharing common spaces like the living room and kitchen with several other people, and leaving these areas a mess will do nothing to improve your relationships with your roommates. Additionally, you will have a limited amount of personal space in which to store your possessions, and failing to keep this space neat and organized will cause it to fill up more quickly and be difficult to navigate, causing frustration when you are unable to lay your hands on an item in a timely manner.

Our life in active addiction is usually characterized by chaos and disorganization. It therefore stands to reason that a successful life in sobriety should be characterized by routine and order. A great way to get started in this new way of life is through establishing and maintaining cleanliness and organization in your living space, both for your sake and for the sake of those with whom you live. A clean house begets a clean mind, and a clean mind is more prepared to focus on the present, which is an important skill as you begin your journey in recovery!