Addiction: A Family Disease

Addiction is a destructive disease that tears through the lives of the addict and those around them. Often the family of the addict suffers just as much as the addict themselves, watching helplessly as their loved one destroys their body and spirit every day through their substance abuse. This indirect impact addiction has on the family of the addict is the reason substance abuse is referred to as a “family disease” within the treatment and recovery community.

There is often an unintended implication of this reference to a “family disease” that the family is somehow partially to blame for their loved one’s addiction. This could not be further from the truth – no one should be blamed for addiction. It is a disease created by a plethora of factors, not a sole cause attributed to an individual. Just as you would not blame a parent if their child developed a mental illness, so too you should not blame a family for their loved one’s substance abuse.

The shame of being labeled an addict has all but disappeared in today’s society. As our understanding of the disease and its underlying causes has evolved, so too has our understanding of those who suffer from this debilitating illness. While the stigma placed upon the addict themselves has evaporated, the family members of the addict may still feel some discomfort at the notion they, too, have some damage which requires care and healing. There is no shame in this reality, and the sooner the family acknowledges their injuries, the sooner they can begin the healing process.


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