Addiction – It can Strike Anyone

Addiction is an equal opportunity disease. It does not care how old you are, what ethnicity you are, or how successful you are. The latter is especially apparent in recent history, as there have been a wave of celebrity deaths due to overdoses in the news over the past few years. Prince, Tom Petty, Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson… the list goes on and on. For every celebrity met with a tragic end at the hands of their addiction there is also a success story of a famous person recovering from their addiction. This illustrates two important facts: no amount of success or money will prevent your demise at the hands of your addiction, and anyone can recover, even those who have suffered public humiliation and scrutiny during their active addiction.

Many of us dreamed of becoming rich and famous as children, and we looked upon their seemingly glamorous lives with envy. Now that we are grown up we know that appearances can be deceiving, and despite the financial success and public adulation that comes with celebrity status it is apparent that emotional and psychological issues still plague the celebrity community the same as everyone else. These struggles are often compounded by the endless scrutiny faced by celebrities as the everyday minutia of their lives are picked over with a fine-tooth comb. It is no surprise that, just like us, they turn to substance abuse as a quick fix for the anxieties and negative emotions they experience so they can mask their true feelings and put on a happy face to the world.

The constant focus of the public on celebrity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the more eyes on a celebrity the more successful they will become. On the other, your failures are just as visible as your triumphs, and this includes any unpleasant behaviors committed while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Imagine if your bad behavior was splashed across the cover of the National Enquirer, on display at every drugstore and grocery market check-out counter. The average addict attempting sobriety has the luxury of working through any guilt and shame surrounding their behaviors privately. This is not afforded to celebrities, who are always on display for better or worse. Despite this obstacle, many celebrities manage to recover from their addictions and achieve long-term sobriety. This is truly a testament to the efficacy of substance abuse treatment and 12-step recovery programs.

Anyone can fall prey to substance abuse disorders regardless of their success in life. This is evidenced by the frequent news stories involving celebrities and their struggles with addiction. Many of these struggles end tragically, but for every tragedy there is a success story in the celebrity community. Their successful recovery offers hope to those in active addiction that sobriety is within your grasp no matter what you are grappling with. Make the choice today to end the vicious cycle of addiction that has taken control of your life. Our Admissions Counselors are available 24 hours a day at 833-818-3031, ready and waiting to help you get on a path of recovery.


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