Al-Anon: Recovery for the Family

Family members of addicts in recovery often feel envious of their loved one, as addicts have so many resources and a community of support to lean on in this tumultuous period of early sobriety. Do not feel short-changed, as there is a 12-step recovery program designed by and for the families and loved ones of addicts! Al-Anon meetings are available throughout the country and provide guidance, support, and healing to the families of addicts, regardless of whether your loved one is still in active addiction or in recovery.

Al-Anon was created shortly after the inception of Alcoholics Anonymous, as the wives and family of alcoholics found themselves socializing with each other while their spouses were in AA meetings. This group of people soon realized they had suffered emotional and psychological damage at the hands of their loved one’s addiction, damage that needed to be processed and healed in order for them to recover themselves. Out of this desire to heal alongside their loved ones, Al-Anon was born.