Alcohol - The Original Intoxicant

It is said in jest that one of the top priorities of any new civilization is the establishment of alcohol production. Industry built on the sale and consumption of alcohol is flourishing in today’s society, indicative of this substance’s staying power as the number one social lubricant and relaxing elixir. Due to the pervasive nature of alcohol in our society, most everyone inevitably gives into peer pressure and gives booze a try. For those genetically predisposed to substance abuse, this is often the beginning of the end as alcohol opens the door to the world of intoxicating substances and, ultimately, addiction.

Alcohol is one of the few frequently abused substances that is legally sold throughout the United States as well as worldwide. This presents those who develop an addiction, whether to alcohol or another substance, with a rather difficult quandary. As you begin to reintegrate back into society you will inevitably encounter alcohol ready for purchase and consumption. This temptation often proves irresistible, and the easy access to alcohol leads many addicts to relapse. As we cannot possibly expect society to cater to our needs, we must come up with unique solutions to this temptation problem.

One tried and true method to overcome this dilemma is simply to avoid locations which prominently purvey alcohol. This does not mean you cannot patronize any store which offers alcoholic beverages for sale, as most grocery and convenience stores sell wine and beer. However, these items are usually in their own section and can be easily overlooked. On the other hand, your habit of buying cigarettes at the corner liquor store should be altered, as in these locations alcohol is openly displayed in an appealing, tempting fashion. It may be inconvenient to walk an extra few blocks to a convenience store or grocery market to purchase your cigarettes, but the extra effort is worth avoiding this risky location in early recovery.

The seemingly endless supply of alcohol in society today can be a frustrating reality for those in early recovery. It can feel like you are being tempted everywhere you turn, as alcohol is served in most restaurants and sold in most convenience and grocery stores. While it is virtually impossible to avoid shopping at any location where alcohol is available for purchase, there are some common sense steps you can take to avoid unnecessary temptation in this area. By avoiding those stores which prominently display their alcohol on offer, and skirting past the designated alcohol areas in grocery and convenience stores, you can easily limit your exposure to these tempting displays and remain secure in your sobriety.


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