Alcoholism - Stages of Change

Nearly two decades ago, two researchers dedicated to alcoholism, Carlo C. DiClemente and J. O. Prochaska, developed and introduced a model of change which had five stages. It was intended to help professionals better understand the needs of their clients who struggled with addiction related problems and to motivate them to change through substance abuse recovery therapy. Their five-stage model is based on their personal observations of people who modified other addictive or problem behaviors such as smoking, drinking and overeating.

The five stages of the model are:

  1. Precontemplation

  2. Contemplation

  3. Determination

  4. Action

  5. Maintenance

6. Termination

Understanding your preparedness to make a change by learning about this model of change can help you choose which types of treatments or therapies that are right for you. A therapy or treatment professional with the right licensure and training will take the time to understand where you are in terms of readiness to stop abusing alcohol and he or she will help you find within yourself the motivation to stop drinking and maintain