Alternatives to Benzodiazepines for Stress Reduction

For many years, doctors have relied on benzodiazepines as first line of treatment for anxiety disorders. While these medications are effective in quelling the physical symptoms of anxiety and stress, they present a strong risk for the patient’s developing a physical dependence on the prescribed drug and are therefore not a viable treatment solution for those in recovery, nor should they be considered a cure-all by any person suffering from excess stress and anxiety. If we concede drugs are not an effective solution for our anxiety problems, what are our options to treat this very real mental disorder?

One effective and all-natural form of stress relief can be found in a daily exercise regimen. Exercise promotes more than just a healthy body, as regular cardiovascular exercise promotes healthy neurochemical levels in our brains which can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Establishing and adhering to a regular exercise regimen will also help build your self-esteem, which will in turn stabilize and boost your mood and outlook on life. All of these benefits make a strong case for exercise as a great homeopathic remedy for stress and anxiety, not to mention the obvious contribution to your physical health!

Another great remedy for stress and anxiety available to everyone is meditation. Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders scoff at the notion that practicing meditation daily will have any substantial impact on their stress levels, Do not be so quick to write off meditation as ineffective, as thousands of people living in recovery can attest to its remarkable ability to alleviate stress and anxiety in their daily lives. Certainly the potential benefits are worth sacrificing 20 to 30 minutes a day for a few weeks to determine whether or not you are able to reap the rewards of meditation in terms of stress reduction.

Now more than every people are in need of effective tools to manage stress and anxiety in their daily lives. While many physicians are quick to reach for a prescription pad in order to treat anxiety disorders in their patients, for those of us in recovery these medications do more harm than good. Rather than relying on pharmaceuticals which only treat the symptoms of anxiety and stress, why not try one of these homeopathic remedies in order to naturally improve your brain chemistry and mental health? You may be surprised at how much more effective these therapies are than your old benzodiazepine prescription!