Alternatives to Medical Marijuana for Treatment of Chronic Pain

For those dealing with chronic pain, it may be unfathomable for you to give up your preferred pain relief treatment. You may have already sacrificed your opiate pain medications upon first entering recovery, the compromise being medical marijuana as your new prescription for pain relief. If you are dedicated to living a life in recovery, you should strongly consider exploring alternative treatments for your chronic pain so you can abstain from marijuana and truly experience sobriety. There are effective holistic pain relief options available to you, and at Evolutions Treatment Center we encourage you to try them during your residential treatment with us.

Yoga is a fantastic tool to improve circulation, range of motion, and relieve muscle pains resulting from injuries you have sustained. It has the added benefit of being a meditative, mindful process which can help calm you and center you in the present moment. Yoga is a practice you can carry with you long after you leave inpatient treatment. You can continue your yoga routine in the comfort of your home, or join one of the many yoga classes that can be found all across the country. Take advantage of the yoga classes offered at Evolutions while you are in residential treatment as you may find it effective at eliminating aches and pains.

Massage therapy is another effective holistic treatment for chronic pain. Many people throughout the United States benefit from regular massage therapy for back pain, nerve pain, and muscle aches resulting from injuries sustained by these patients. An hour massage once a week can be just as effective, if not moreso, than medical marijuana use for relieving your chronic pain. The other clear distinction is the non-narcotic nature of massage therapy as opposed to the addictive nature of marijuana, regardless of your having been prescribed the marijuana by a doctor. Massage therapists are available in most areas of the country, and may even be covered through your insurance.

To truly recover from your substance abuse disorder, you should do your best to rid yourself of all addictive substances. This abstention should include marijuana, even if you have a legitimate diagnosis and prescription from a doctor. Marijuana is a mind-altering substance which could threaten your sobriety. While it may be an effective treatment of your chronic pain, it also inhibits your cognition, memory, and decision-making abilities. The threat of relapse brought on by continued marijuana use far outweighs any benefits as a treatment for pain, and you should explore alternative treatment methods if you are serious about living in recovery.