Am I Able to Marchman Act Myself?

Inconsistent access to quality health insurance leaves many addicts struggling to find and secure medical treatment for their substance abuse disorder. If you find yourself in this dilemma, you may think a solution lies with the Marchman Act - you can simply petition the court to mandate your attendance at treatment, which would force a treatment center to admit you as a patient. This idea is ill-conceived and would not be effective for several reasons, but there are alternative avenues for an addict without insurance to secure substance abuse treatment.

While a court mandate issued under the Marchman Act does require a person to participate in a substance abuse treatment program, it does not compel a treatment facility to admit an individual free of charge. For those uninsured on the receiving end of such a court order, usually a state-run or charity care facility provides their substance abuse treatment services. These options are available to you without your having to petition the court for an Marchman Act order, eliminating the need for this extra step. You may have to wait for an open bed to become available at these facilities, but this usually happens within a week or two at the most.

You may be in a situation where a state-run facility is not a viable option for you, meaning you find yourself seemingly without available treatment. There is another route you can take in order to secure treatment, and that would be to acquire a health insurance plan through the healthcare marketplace via a special enrollment period. A special enrollment period is available for those who have had a recent life-altering event, such as a change in income due to a job loss. This would enable you to acquire health insurance at little to no out-of-pocket cost, providing coverage for substance abuse treatment so that you can gain admittance to a facility in your area quickly.

The Marchman Act exists so that family members of a substance abuser have the ability to compel the addict to participate in a treatment program, but it does not provide a means for the addict themselves to gain entry to treatment free of charge. This does not mean there are no avenues available for an uninsured addict to receive treatment - here in South Florida as well across the country there are state run facilities which provide addiction treatment services free of charge. Additionally, you may also qualify for low or no-cost health insurance through the healthcare marketplace, which would open up the possibility of your admittance to a private treatment center in your area. There will always be treatment options available for an addict looking to get sober, all you have to do is ask and the hand of AA will be there to help you achieve lasting recovery!