Am I Suffering from Avoidant Personality Disorder?

Avoidant Personality Disorder is a waking nightmare for those who suffer it. These individuals are plagued with feelings of inadequacy and live in constant fear of being viewed in a negative light by others. This fear is experienced so intensely it inhibits their ability to function in society, and they resort to avoiding other people regardless of the sacrifices they must make in terms of relationships and careers. Here is an overview of the symptoms of this disorder and how they manifest in a person’s day to day life.

An individual suffering from avoidant personality disorder experiences an almost paralyzing fear surrounding any social situation. They are hypersensitive to any criticism, judgement, or disapproval they receive from others, and therefore avoid establishing any new relationships unless they feel assured they will be liked and accepted by the other party. Avoidant personality types are prone to extreme anxiety and catastrophizing, rarely trying any new activities or taking any type of chance for fear of failure, especially if there would be witnesses to that failure. Clearly this is a crippling personality disorder which severely impacts a person’s ability to function in society.

The extreme anxiety and fear a person with avoidant personality disorder suffers can easily lead to self-medication and substance abuse. The individual desperately wishes to be rid of this constant stress and preoccupation with other’s opinion of them, and drugs or alcohol offer an escape. Hopefully this does not become your reality, and indeed many people suffering with this personality disorder seek professional help due to their strong desire to achieve a higher level of functioning in society. For those who discover drugs and alcohol before they give therapy a try, often their path to treatment for their mental illnesses begins in a residential substance abuse treatment program. This is why it is important to choose a treatment center capable of addressing both your addiction and underlying personality disorder. At Evolutions, we have cultivated a team of seasoned clinicians with the necessary experience and knowledge base to handle these complex cases, so we can maximize your potential to achieve lasting sobriety and recovery from your illnesses.

For those who suffer from avoidant personality disorder, a seemingly inconsequential social interaction is akin to running a marathon with anchors tied to your legs. This mental illness results in extraordinary levels of anxiety and fear, a state of mind which can easily lead one to seek the relief drugs and alcohol can provide. If you find yourself unable to cope with the extreme social anxiety you experience without the assistance of drugs or alcohol, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you develop healthy coping skills and thought patterns to overcome this personality disorder so you can lead a joyful, productive life!

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