Am I too Old to Quit Drinking?

It is a sad fact that as we age in active alcoholism, we feel increasingly hopeless when it comes to our ability to get sober. While it is never too early to deal with a substance abuse disorder, it is never too late to recover from alcoholism either! Let’s dispel some of the myths which lead to the idea that those past their prime cannot possibly hope to recover from alcoholism so you can make an informed decision regarding your attempt at sobriety.

The biggest misconception surrounding those of an advanced age with alcoholism is that they have already done far too much irreparable damage to their bodies to make quitting drinking worthwhile. Until you seek medical assistance for your substance abuse disorder, you really have no idea to what extent your body has been affected by your drinking, and whether or not this damage is able to be healed. At Evolutions, one of or main goals during the course of your treatment is to address any underlying health conditions which have developed as a result of your drinking, so that you may be restored to a quality of life which motivates you to remain sober. Regardless of your age, it is always worth exploring sobriety as an option rather than continue down the path of destructive drinking.

Another irrational idea held by the aging alcoholic population is that they will have no peers their age in early sobriety. This could not be further from the truth! Addiction does not discriminate, and every slice of America’s demographic has representation in the rooms of recovery. While it is true some meetings tend to be gravitated to by the younger generation, so too are there meetings dominated by an older crowd. Ultimately it is all about finding your comfort zone in the rooms of recovery, and this is possible regardless of your age.

There is no right time to get sober, and therefore there is no wrong time to do so either. Even if you find yourself past your prime, believing yourself to be hopelessly dependent on alcohol, you can still recover from your disease and find a new way of life. At Evolutions, we have had the pleasure of assisting those from all walks of life in their journey to sobriety, from teenagers to octogenarians. So long as you have a desire to change your life, there is a way for you to recover from your alcoholism. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and don’t waste any more of your life on alcohol!