Amy Winehouse – A Cautionary Tale

Amy Winehouse was a remarkably talented singer with unlimited potential as a singer and songwriter. As her career began to take off, her struggles with substance abuse and alcoholism became more pronounced. Throughout her career she struggled with various mental illnesses along with her substance abuse. Her drinking and drug use ultimately led to her early death, cutting short a very promising career and the life of a beautiful, talented woman.

When her drinking and drug use was obviously out of control, those close to Amy insisted that she get help. She caved to their demands and entered a rehab facility, but did not fully concede to her innermost self that she was an alcoholic an addict. Instead, she subscribed to the notion that the drugs were a problem for her, but alcohol was OK. From then on, she would go through cycles of sobriety and binge drinking. Her drinking would blur the lines for her between right and wrong, leading to legal issues as well as a return to drug use from time to time. Throughout these struggles with substances, she was able to achieve critical acclaim and great success as an artist. Her music often provided a distraction from her addiction, but this was not enough to keep her sober. Sadly, alcohol eventually led to her demise, and she passed away in 2011 at the age of 27. She joins a long list of those whose substance abuse has lead to their untimely death.

Ultimately, it was her unwillingness to admit to herself that she truly was an alcoholic that prevented Amy from recovering from her addictions. She had access to the best treatment programs money could buy, support from those close to her, and a career that allowed her complete control over her schedule and commitments. This just demonstrates how you can have all the support in the world, the perfect circumstances to foster your sobriety, yet it will do you no good if you do not admit to yourself you are an alcoholic and therefore must abstain from all mind and mood-altering substances. If you are questioning whether or not you really need to fully commit to a program of recovery and complete abstinence, let Amy’s experience be a lesson for you. Recovery is a life-or-death affair, and one you should not delay.

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