An Interview with PBC State Attorney: Dave Aronberg

Early last week an opportunity presented itself for our Director of Admissions, Blake Cohen, to be able to interview the Palm Beach County State Attorney; Dave Aronberg.

This opportunity arose just one week after the release of Megyn Kelly's segment on the South Florida treatment industry that aired on national television.

Blake's interview with the State Attorney was also sat in on by Al Johnson, the head of the Sober Homes Task Force in Palm Beach County. The task force's job is to eradicate the unscrupulous treatment providers and sober home owners in Palm Beach County while tirelessly working to put new legislation in place that will prevent more of these "bad actors" from continuing to scam this vulnerable population.

The interview focuses on the state of the recovery community in South Florida, House Bill 807 that recently went into effect, how to assist the task force, and what Mr. Aronberg feels is in store for us in the next 5 years.

Author's Opinion: I feel there has been much recent debate over whether Megyn Kelly's interview was based on sensationalism created by the media, rooted in truth, or both.

The answer, in my opinion, is that it was mostly rooted in truth but of course was spun in a way that fit right in with today's biased news reporting.

Many of South Florida's treatment workers have proudly stood up to represent the facility that employs them in response to the segment while many others have decided to cower and hide. 

There is much truth to the fact that the South Florida Treatment Community has become a cesspool of corruption and scam. I've got news for you, though. Where there are treatment centers, there are scams. California, New York, New Jersey, Utah, Texas, etc...all have reported the same type of scams taking place in their states.

South Florida appears to be setting the precedent in resolving these issues instead of just letting them unfold which is a step in the right direction. Megyn Kelly's segment did a good job of educating families on the dangers of blindly selecting a treatment center based on incentive. I would never suggest choosing a place solely based on the fact they take your insurance or are willing to pay for your transportation. 

A good follow up to Megyn Kelly's segment would be one educating families on what good treatment centers look like, the right questions to ask when seeking treatment, questions that you can ask to avoid being scammed, and the patient's rights as someone that is seeking treatment such as asking to speak to someone outside of the admissions department like the clinical director for example.


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