Anthony Hopkins – Living in Long-term Sobriety

Sir Anthony Hopkins has been living in recovery for over forty years now. He was brought to his knees by alcohol in his early years, and shortly after Christmas of 1975 admitted to himself and to others that he had a problem. His recovery is just a part of his life, it does not define him, and he has gone on to achieve great success both on screen and off. He does not shy away from discussing his sobriety, nor does he brag about it. One area of 12-step recovery he has grappled with over the years is the spiritual aspect of things.

12-step recovery programs are rooted in spirituality, not religion. This is an important distinction, as many people are resistant to the ideas purported by major religions, whereas spirituality can be an individualized belief system. For many years Hopkins was living in recovery as a self-described agnostic, doubting the existence of a higher power. As he has progressed in his recovery, his views on the world and the existence of a power greater than man have evolved. Now, he feels a great deal of relief and gratitude for this power greater than himself, as it unburdens him from so many worries that come of everyday living.

Keeping an open mind is a key component of 12-step recovery. A notable quote from the AA Big Book is an admonishment to those seeking recovery against “contempt prior to investigation”. This quote is directed in particular to agnostics, cautioning them against closing their minds to the existence of a higher power. Hopkins maintained his open-mindedness for years, and eventually came to accept and believe in a power greater than himself. This willingness to adhere to the principles outlined by the program of 12-step recovery enabled him to maintain sobriety for decades while building a happy and fulfilling life. Sir Anthony Hopkins is a shining example of what is possible when you live a life rooted in recovery.


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