Are Addicts at Greater Risk to CoVID-19?

Young or old, black or white, doctor or bus driver, the coronavirus currently ravaging our nation seems to infect indiscriminately. While anyone is susceptible to this devastating virus, there are those persons who are deemed to be in a higher risk category. That category includes those 60 years of age or older, those receiving treatment for cancer, or those with chronic health issues such as obesity or diabetes. However, can ongoing drug and/or alcohol use increase a person’s risk, both for infection and serious complications from coronavirus?

When a person is in active addiction, they are blind to all issues not directly related to the acquisition and use of their substance of choice. This tunnel vision often results in an addict’s neglecting their health, including malnutrition and a lack of physical activity. This is compounded by the toll the substances themselves take on the human body, resulting in a significantly compromised immune system.

Additionally, many substances, including alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines, are respiratory depressants, meaning they slow a person’s breathing and heart rate. This respiratory depression can exacerbate the effects of the coronavirus on the lungs, greatly increasing the changes for respiratory arrest and subsequent death. This increased risk of death from coronavirus for an addict is a compelling reason to seek treatment for addiction sooner rather than later.


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