Benefits of Exercises in Early Recovery Healthy

Most substance abusers in active addiction have one thing on their mind – getting high! All other concerns fall by the wayside, including keeping up with your physical health. It is a great idea to reincorporate regular physical activity into your daily routine when you are starting your journey in recovery, but it is important to go about this in a safe, healthy manner.

It is best to work with a personal trainer to establish an exercise routine beneficial to your body type, metabolism, and level of cardiovascular fitness.

Regular exercise offers a myriad of health benefits to all people, and arguably even more to recovering addicts. Improved sleep, a strengthened immune system, increased

cardiovascular health, and improved mental health are all advantages you can gain from

regular physical activity. For an addict in early recovery whose health is likely degraded, these benefits are remarkably valuable.

Looking beyond the physical benefits of regular exercise, establishing a regular routine is always recommended to those early in recovery. Regular daily exercise is an excellent step towards building a daily routine. As you continue on your journey towards health, you may find a sports team or club you’d like to participate in. This is a great way to meet other healthy individuals and participate in fun, sober activities.

For addicts, putting down the drink or drug is the first step in a new life of self-awareness and growth. A return to exercise is a great way to quicken your body’s recovery from the damage daily substance abuse has wrought. It is important to heed the advice of a personal trainer when constructing your new exercise routine so as not to risk injury, especially in those critical first few months of sobriety. Once you establish a healthy exercise regimen, you will be one step closer to a life beyond your wildest dreams!

At Evolutions Treatment Center our personal trainer : Edwin Sanchez has trained Celebrities ranging from Eva Longoria to The Kardashian sisters.

He will meet with each patient and work with the patient goals and need to make the work out tailored to each individual.


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