Building Financial Health in Sobriety

In our active addiction, our finances quickly dissolve into disarray as we sacrifice everything in our lives for the sake of acquiring more drugs and alcohol. Now that you are in sobriety, it is important for you to break your unhealthy financial habits and replace them with healthy ones. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind as you begin restoring financial security in your life.

First, for many addicts and alcoholics cash on hand is a trigger as we associate cash with buying and using drugs. You should therefore keep your money in your bank account rather than have cash on hand, as most everything you would need to purchase today can be procured using a debit or credit card. Employers today usually offer direct deposit rather than checks as part of their payroll program, and you should absolutely avail yourself of this service. Direct deposit is an effortless way to keep your money in the bank, and has the added benefit of giving you access to your funds more quickly than traditional checks allow.

As the pandemic has trapped many people int heir homes, day trading has grown in popularity and the fintech market has taken note, creating mobile apps which allow free and easy stock trading. Addicts and alcoholics in early recovery should approach this sort of activity with caution, as day trading feels very similar to gambling and can easily turn into a compulsive behavior. Investing in the stock market is a great way to prepare for your future, but if your motive is entertainment and distraction from your daily life you should avoid engaging in day trading altogether.

Financial health ultimately boils down to self discipline, living within your means and putting money away for your future. Money is often a trigger for those in early sobriety, so you should limit your exposure to cash on hand, keeping your funds secure in a bank or investment account. Your sponsor is an excellent resource in terms of financial security as well - you can ask your sponsor to guide you and hold you accountable for your financial decisions in early recovery. So long as you strive to live by the principles of a 12-step recovery program, your financial health will grow alongside your sobriety as you proceed in your recovery. Stick to the program and you will be rewarded with a life beyond your wildest dreams!