Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery

The relationships formed in active addiction are often fraught with unhealthy behaviors and codependency. Many of the people you associated with while using you should consider cutting out of your life for your sobriety’s sake. As you begin your journey in sobriety, it is important to build healthy relationships and avoid the pitfalls of your previous unhealthy ones. Here are some tips to follow as you being establishing new, healthy relationships in sobriety.

The key to any relationship is communication. In our addiction we became masters of deception, covering up our substance abuse in order to protect it from attack and judgment. Now that you find yourself living a sober life, you should maintain awareness of your communication habits with new friends in sobriety and make an effort to avoid deception. A life in sobriety should be lived free from guilt and shame, so you have no reason to lie to your friends and sober supports. It can be hard to break the habit of deception, but maintaining awareness of your communication will help you change your behavior.

It is also important to avoid fostering codependent behaviors in your new relationships. In active addiction, codependency often develops in our relationships and they become conditional, transactional, and ultimately unfulfilling. Part of avoiding codependency in your relationships is establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. Learning to say “No” can be difficult, but it is an important part of healthy relationships between people.

At Evolutions Treatment Center, we believe in a holistic approach to treating substance abuse. One of the facets of your life which needs to be cared for is your interpersonal relationships. Some of these should be eliminated, and it is important that the new ones which grow in their place are positive, healthy, and fulfilling for you. Maintaining open communication and awareness of your behavior in these new relationships will help keep them healthy and keep you on the path of sobriety.


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