Building Motivation to Get Healthy in 2021

In these times of stress and anxiety, we often neglect our diets and exercise regimens as we believe our time is better spent relaxing in front of the television. Once we get out of our routine, it is difficult to return to those habits as we have now formed new, less healthy ones. The additional stress we experience these days between the volatile political climate and the ongoing pandemic further diminish our ability to self-motivate and return to our healthy routine. How can we break out of the cycle of laziness and motivate ourselves to return to healthy habits?

Motivation to return to a healthy diet and exercise routine can come from a variety of sources, but a common one is a dissatisfaction with our physical appearance and the way our clothes are fitting. Many of us are experiencing the post-holiday “bloat” and have put on a few extra pounds during the feasts which occur during the holiday season. Every time you struggle to cinch your waistband, let the extra effort required be a reminder to you that you need to get back to healthy eating and regular exercise. While drawing motivation from a concern with one’s appearance may be indulging in vanity, if it leads to results than it has a positive impact on your life and is a good thing.

Another factor one must consider is that of your long-term health. Americans today are being diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease at alarming rates, and this can be attributed to our level of activity as well as our diet. When we are lazy with our meal prep as well as our exercise routine, we open ourselves up to these chronic illnesses which have the potential to both shorten our lifespan and detract from our quality of life. These facts hopefully provide you with a source of motivation to improve both your eating habits and your level of activity in the new year, as it would be a shame to waste the opportunity sobriety has given you by not taking care of your health in recovery.

Building motivation to improve our diet and exercise routine can be difficult, especially in these times of exceptional stress and anxiety. There are a multitude of sources from which you can draw motivation to improve your health in the context of diet and exercise, and the specific person, thing, or idea which provides you motivation does not matter. What matters is your acting on this motivation and making changes to positively impact your health and wellness. Building motivation and acting upon it to improve your health is a great way to further cement yourself in recovery, as the self-esteem boost and positive mindset resulting from taking action will bring your further from relapse and closer to your higher power!