Can I Detox Myself from Alcohol at Home?

For those who have determined they have a drinking problem and would like to pivot from active addiciton to sobriety, you are faced with a number of decisions regarding how best to go about this process. Many people hesitate to admit themselves to a medical detox facility, as this necessitates a commitment to spend time away from home and work. However, this is far and away the best route to follow when detoxing from alcohol, as the toll this change takes on the body can be life threatening.

While actively abusing alcohol, our bodies take drastic measure in order to compensate for this foreign substance coursing through our system. These adjustments occur over time as our disease of addiction progresses and our tolerance increases. A sudden cessation of alcohol consumption creates an extreme imbalance in our bodies and minds, which can lead to seizures and even death. This is the main reason why it is advisable you seek professional medical help with your detox from alcohol, rather than attempting it at home.

If you still have reservations about admitting yourself to a medical facility for detox, you should at the very least consult your physician regarding your alcohol problem and desire to detox yourself. Be completely honest about the amount and frequency of your drinking, as your consumption habits are a major factor in determining the severity of your withdrawal symptoms as you cease using alcohol. So long as you practice full disclosure with your doctor regarding your drinking habits, they will be able to determine whether it is medically feasible for you to attempt detox independently.

Making a decision to attempt sobriety and end your dependence on alcohol is a fantastic step towards living a full and satisfying life. The detoxification process from alcohol is not one to be taken lightly, especially given the potentially deadly side effects inherent to the process. As such, it is strongly advised you seek admittance to a medical detox facility so that you may receive professional monitoring and medical assistance throughout the course of your withdrawal from alcohol. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we utilize proven clinical protocols for those clients detoxing from alcohol, ensuring your comfort and safety for the entirety of your stay at our facility. If you are considering ending your dependence on alcohol and are exploring your detox options, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us enlighten you as to the details of our detox facility so you can make an informed, healthy decision during this important phase of your recovery.


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