Can I Detox Myself from Alcohol at Home?

Cessation of alcohol use is a grueling ordeal, and can be life threatening depending on your drinking history and level of physical dependence. Now that you’ve made the decision to transition from active addiction to sobriety, you are likely reviewing your options for detox and substance abuse treatment. Many people do not wish to interrupt their professional and personal lives in order to complete this transition, and you may be wondering if it is possible for you to simply detox yourself at home and enroll in an IOP program, avoiding any excessive time commitments and remaining available for work and family life. This is not an advisable path to take for several reasons, and may even been physically impossible depending on your disease specifics.

Detox from alcohol is incredibly hard on the human body, as your internal processes and chemical levels have been dramatically altered as your system sought to compensate for your regular alcohol consumption. This altered body and brain chemistry means that a sudden absence of alcohol throws your system into disarray, and the resulting shock to your brain can lead to seizures and even death. For this reason, you should speak with your primary care physician about your alcohol abuse, and let a medical professional determine whether or not an at-home detox is a safe and viable option for you.

Another item you should take into account when determining whether or not to undergo detox at home is the amount of stress and pressure you are exposed to in your daily life. One of the benefits of a medical detox facility is the physical separation of the addict from their life outside, eliminating any sources of stress and anxiety and allowing you to focus entirely on your recovery program. Attempting detox at home leaves you at the mercy of your responsibilities and commitments, all the while you will be incapaciated as the detox process is incredibly taxing on your body and mind. If your motive behind wishing to complete detox at home is to remain available to work and family, the incapacitation resulting from the detox process defeats the purpose of your desiring this method of detox.

At-home detox is never an ideal situation, as you are left far more vulnerable to relapse than you would be in an inpatient medical detox. Additionally, there are serious health risks present when you are going through withdrawal from alcohol, risks which can only be mitigated with the assistance of medical professionals and appropriate medication protocols. If you are serious about getting sober, you should demonstrate your commitment to recovery by admitting yourself to a medical detox in order to properly transition from active substance abuse to sobriety. At Evolutions, our medical detox is a safe, comfortable environment conducive to your recovery, staffed by compassionate and experience professionals who will monitor your physical and mental health throughout your stay. Call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and let us answer any questions or concerns you have about the process so you can enter treatment confidently and comfortably, ready to start your journey in recovery!