Celebrating Labor Day in Recovery

Holidays can be a difficult time for those in early sobriety. We often associate celebrations of these occasions with drinking or drug use, and many grapple with the question of how to go about enjoying holidays while in recovery. You may be surprised to find that most people in recovery find celebrations even more enjoyable than they did in their active addiction! Here are a few ideas as to how you can enjoyably spend the upcoming Labor Day holiday while in early recovery.

Your first stop for figuring out holiday plans should be your local AA or NA clubhouse. These meeting places invariably host some sort of gathering or party for every major holiday. Attending your local clubhouse’s holiday function is a great way to ensure you remain sober through the occasion while also getting to know your fellows in recovery on a more intimate level. For those in early sobriety, you should certainly consider planning on spending Labor Day at your local AA or NA clubhouse’s celebration.

Another great way to spend your upcoming Labor Day is by planning a nice celebration with your housemates in your sober living home. You are all in a similar situation in terms of your recovery, and should be a vital resource to one another in terms of your growth in sobriety. The upcoming holiday is a great opportunity to socialize and get to know each other better. You could plan on having a cookout at your sober home, or perhaps packing up and heading to the beach to enjoy the summer weather and beautiful ocean. No matter what the details are, a holiday spent with your fellow housemates in sober living is a great way to ensure you remain safe and sober while also enjoying the occasion.

Holidays in sobriety should be a time filled with fun and camaraderie, as you bask in the glow of your new life in recovery and all the joy and potential it offers you. In order to protect this valuable treasure, you should spend your first holidays in early sobriety surrounded by others committed to abstaining from drugs and alcohol. For some, holidays are a difficult time, prompting painful memories of past experiences involving drugs and alcohol. Now that you are in recovery, start forming new, happy memories with your peers so you can comfortably and joyfully celebrate such occasions while remaining sober long into the future!