Celebrating the Holidays in a Sober Home

Transitioning to sobriety from active addiction means experiencing all kinds of new events, situations, and feelings. One such new experience may be the manner in which you find yourself celebrating the holidays this year. Many of us relocate for inpatient treatment and remain in our new locations in a sober living facility. You may find yourself spending the holidays in this new locale rather than your usual celebration with family members, especially given the current ongoing pandemic in the United States. This may not be your idea of a real holiday celebration, but there are things you can do with your roommates to make a holiday at your new sober living situation just as enjoyable as a more traditional celebration.

Obviously food is a major component of Thanksgiving and winter holiday celebrations. While you may not have the experience and culinary skills your elders possess, this is the perfect opportunity to try something new and attempt to prepare your own holiday meal! Additionally, you can coordinate with your sober living roommates and have your own “family” holiday dinner with everyone contributing a dish to the spread. You should take advantage of this great opportunity both to strenghten your bond with you sober roommates and to potentially discover cooking as a new passion or hobby for you to enjoy in sobriety.

Thanksgiving the religious holidays of the season are a great time to reflect on what you are grateful for in your own life, and to spread goodwill and holiday cheer to those around you. A great way to do this within your sober home is by organizing a gift exchange with your roommates who will also be spending the holidays in the home. Be sure to set a modest price limit on the gifts, as many people in early recovery are still struggling to recover from the financial wreckage created during their active addiction. This is a great way to bring the traditional spirit of the holidays to your new living environment, and to grow closer to your new brothers and sisters in sobriety.

The winter holidays should be a time of gratitude and joy, especially now that you are able to experience the season in sobriety. Even if traveling to your family is not a viable option for you this holiday, you can still make the most of your new living situation in a sober home and enjoy the spirit of the season with your roommates. Rather than dwell on the fact that you may be missing your family during this time, focus on the opportunity to strengthen your connections with these new sober individuals in your life, and revel in the positive impact you can have on your sober living facility by taking action and allowing the spirit of the holidays to flourish in your new environment!


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