Cocaine - A Party Gone Off the Rails

Most people’s first experience with cocaine comes after a few drinks at a bar or house party. A friend pitches coke as a luxury designer drug which can enable you to continue the party well into the morning hours. You figure all those high-powered executives and trust fund kids known for their weekend coke binges must be on to something, and so you give it a try. Cocaine is a potent stimulant whose psychological hold over the user can develop as soon as the first hit is consumed. This harmless indulgence, in part enabled by your state of inebriation, can easily lead to your developing a strong physical and psychological addiction to cocaine.

Cocaine has long been viewed as the recreational drug of choice for celebrities and executives, as it is an expensive habit to maintain. It provides users with a strong euphoric feeling, often described as a feeling of invincibility, as well as a burst of energy and mental stimulation. Due to its prohibitively high cost, the average user who does not have the financial means to feed their growing habit will often turn to other, cheaper alternatives such as methamphetamine or crack cocaine. While it is true these cheaper drugs are more damaging to the body than powder cocaine, all three carry a strong potential for overdose and death, even the “rich man’s drug” powder cocaine.

One reason a cocaine habit quickly grows prohibitively expensive is due to the drug’s relatively short lifespan in the body. Cocaine’s effects are only felt for around 30 minutes after use, and the “crash” is extremely unpleasant psychologically as well as physically. This is the motivating factor which makes cocaine such an addictive substance - a user will continue to ingest the drug to delay the crash as long as possible. When their supply has run out, they often turn other substances such as alcohol to ease them out of the high and deaden the psychological pain of the crash.

Cocaine enjoys an elitist reputation in today’s society, but this should not lull anyone into a false sense of security regarding casual use of this potent narcotic. The incredibly addictive nature of cocaine excludes the possibility of limiting oneself to casual use almost entirely, especially if you are an individual predisposed to developing an addiction. Dependency on cocaine can quickly lead the user to even more destructive substances such as methamphetamine or crack cocaine as a means to achieve a similar high for a more reasonable price. For this reason, you should seek treatment for a cocaine addiction as soon as possible. If you are struggling to stop your cocaine use, or if you fear you are developing a dependence, Evolutions Treatment Center can help. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and stop the cycle of addiction in your life.

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