Coping Skills to Overcome Depression in Sobriety

Everyone experiences bouts of depression during their lifetimes. Even the most positive people on the planet must go through the loss of a loved one or some other substantial emotional pain. In our active addiction, we would turn to our substance of choice to numb any sort of pain or discomfort we were going through. Now that you are in recovery, you will need alternative techniques to handle emotional pain and depression which do not threaten your sobriety. Hopefully part of your inpatient treatment program was leaning and practicing new coping skills, here are a few we at Evolutions Treatment Center encourage you to try.

Exercise has been scientifically proven to relieve stress and give your mood and outlook on life a boost. Forming a regular exercise routine is a great action to take in early sobriety for a variety of reasons, one of which is the increase in neurochemicals which contribute to your positivity. If you find yourself struggling to stay positive and feel a bout of depression coming on, try increasing the frequency of your exercises. You can also try switching up your exercise routine, maybe opting for jogging in a local park rather than hitting the treadmill at the gym. Regardless of the details, exercise is a great way to stave off depression in recovery.

Another action you can take to help cope with depression in recovery is practicing meditation. Meditation is a great way to ground yourself in the present moment, unburdening your mind of the anxieties and troubles dominating your thoughts. Studies have shown that 20 minutes of meditation each day significantly improves your energy levels, mood, and overall mental health. As a means of coping with depression, meditation allows you to let go of the negative emotions draining you of life force, re-calibrating your thought patterns back towards positivity. As a coping skill to avoid falling into depression, meditation is an excellent activity to practice and improve upon early in sobriety.

Depression is, unfortunately, a fact of life for everyone. While you may not be able to avoid the painful situations which can lead to depression, there are actions you can take in order to help improve your mood and avoid falling into a depressive episode. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our clinical team have spent their careers formulating and refining our holistic approach to substance abuse treatment, which incorporates coping skill lessons and practice sessions throughout our continuum of care. If you are in active addiction or struggling in early sobriety, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you achieve long term recovery from your addiction.


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