Coping with Financial Stress around the Holidays

The winter holidays are a time for family, festivity, and faith as we look to the coming year and all the potential blessings it has to offer. The exchange of gifts between family and close friends is a traditional part of most holiday celebrations, and this means an added burden on household and personal finances. This is doubly true for those in early recovery, as we are often still working to repair the damage done to our bank accounts in our active addiction. What can you do to strike a balance between participating in traditional gift-giving while avoiding anxiety due to financial strain?

While gift giving is a longstanding holiday tradition, there are plenty of gifts which require little or no financial input on your part. Homemade gifts are an opportunity for you to express yourself and your feelings about those close to you, while also providing a creative outlet and a potential new crafting hobby. Ultimately, the point of exchanging gifts is to demonstrate you care for others, and what better way to express how much you care for someone than spending time hand crafting a gift exemplifying your relationship with them!

If you are not particularly adept at crafting, or simply not interested in this alternative to purchased gifts, you should speak to those you will be exchanging gifts with and set a limit on the price of gifts to avoid any feelings of embarrassment due to big price discrepancies. For parents buying for their children, you can stretch a dollar quite a bit by shopping for toys at your local dollar store or discount chain, ensuring there will still be a plethora of presents for the kids under the tree.

This is a season of joy, gratitude, and compassion as we spend time with our loved ones and look forward to the coming year. It is especially important we enjoy the holidays this year in light of our ongoing struggle with the pandemic which has sapped us of our mental and emotional strength. Gift giving is a time-honored tradition during this season, but there is no need for you to stretch yourself thin financially in an attempt to please those around you. Homemade gifts are a great way to show how much you care for your loved ones, and if you find yourself lacking in the creativity department there is nothing wrong with setting price limits for your gift exchanges in order to keep yourself financially sound and avoid anxiety.


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