Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, and Fear During Treatment

Separating an addict from their substance of choice often leads to the resurfacing of chronic mental and emotional issues which were previously muted through daily drug use. Anxiety, depression, and fear can easily overwhelm an addict in early recovery as they are faced with the wreckage of their immediate past. These obstacles can be overcome through proper care along with effort on the part of the addict in order to set the stage for successful achievement of long-term sobriety.

Depression is usually the result of feelings of guilt or shame about your past behavior as well as imbalances in your brain chemistry resulting from the removal of the abused substance. This chemical imbalance should be addressed while you are in treatment with medication assistance. As for your feelings of guilt and shame, you should process them with your therapist and upon completion of treatment begin working a 12-step recovery program. This will help you make peace with your former self and move forward in your life’s journey.

Fear and anxiety are often experienced early in recovery as you are faced with the prospect of repairing your life without the crutch that is your substance of choice. While the more well-known anti-anxiety medications are narcotics with a high potential for addiction and abuse, there are non-narcotic medication options to help you through this initial stage of recovery while you are in treatment. Communicate with your therapist about these symptoms and inquire as to your available options for medication assistance. These anxieties will begin to fade the longer you are sober, and 12-step recovery programs are helpful in alleviating these anxieties as well. They provide a community of those who have been where you are now, and offer hope that the future is both bright and attainable.

Early recovery is often an emotional rollercoaster – your neurochemistry is adjusting to new conditions, and you’ve removed the blinders of substance abuse and are seeing the world as it is for the first time in a long while. It is perfectly normal to experience fear, anxiety, and depression in this stage of recovery, and Evolutions Treatment Center offers a myriad of traditional and holistic treatment options to help alleviate these symptoms and keep you on track to long term sobriety. Through treatment and a 12-step program you can regain peace and serenity in your new sober life.


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