Dealing with the loss of your Father on Father’s Day

For addicts in early recovery, you may be struggling with the emotional trauma of losing your parents. Often we suppress these emotions through our drug use, so even if you did not recently suffer this loss you may now be feeling the full impact it is having on your spirit. This may be your first Father’s Day during which you no longer have your father with you. Here are some steps you should take to ensure you do not slip into depression during this difficult time.

Human connection is crucial for our emotional and mental health. You may be feeling particularly lonely without your father on this holiday. Be sure not to isolate simply because your dad is not available to spend time with – instead, head to your local 12-step clubhouse and share with others there about what you are feeling. It is more than likely there are others in the group who are going through the same struggle as well as those who have survived the struggle and can help you through it.

There are others in your family besides your father, some of whom may be struggling to come to terms with his absence as well. This is an opportunity for you to be there for your family now that you are sober, whereas in the past you were consumed by your addiction and could not attend their needs. Reach out to your your mother, your siblings, and spend this Father’s Day reconnecting with them in his honor.

The loss of a parent is one of the most psychologically devastating events one experiences during their life. Many addicts dive deeper into their substance abuse in order to avoid the painful emotions usually experienced after such a loss. Now that you are in recovery, those feelings are likely to resurface. You are not alone in this struggle; many addicts have walked through this same pain and uncomfortability before you, and they did it while maintaining their sobriety. Let their experience, strength, and hope guide you in your recovery and keep you on the right path.


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