Demi Lovato - Living Example of the Healing Power of Music

Demi Lovato is a world-renown singer and songwriter, having performed for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Besides being an incredibly talented artist, Demi is an addict currently living in sobriety. Her recovery journey has not been an easy one, and she has suffered several highly publicized relapses. Throughout her rocky road to sobriety, Demi has relied on music as means to express what she is struggling with, as well as a way to celebrate and share her triumphs in sobriety with her millions of fans.

During difficult times in her life, Demi has often found solace in the recording studio, writing many truly emotional ballads as a way to release these feelings of sorrow, pain, and guilt. One such song, titled “Sober”, is a heart-wrenching expression of Demi’s guilt and remorse following a relapse. Another example of Demi’s using music as a means to process what she is going through is her recently released track “I Love Me” which revolves around her negative self-image contributing to her substance abuse as well as eating disorder. While not all of us have the musical gifts which Demi is blessed with, we are all capable of using music to express ourselves just as she has done and continues to do.

Music is a beautiful form of self-expression, enabling us to relate our thoughts and feelings to our fellow man in order to connect with others. Demi Lovato is the perfect example of a recovering addict using music as a healthy way to release emotions and express oneself, and serves as an inspiration to all of those suffering with the disease of addiction. Her recovery journey has seen setbacks in the form of relapses, but she continues to persevere and refuses to give up on her quest for lasting sobriety. Music is her chosen coping skill, and while the rest of us may not have her vocal or songwriting abilities, we can all take a leaf out of her book and let music function as a coping skill in our lives as well!


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