Demi Lovato – Recovery is a Lifelong Process

Demi Lovato has been a household name ever since she was a teenager. This level of fame and notoriety destabilized her at a critical period of maturation, ultimately leading her to substance abuse as a means to cope with these unfamiliar feelings and stresses. While our reasons for turning to substance abuse are varied and individual to us, the results of our addiction are always the same: chaos, destruction, and turmoil. Demi’s addiction first bottomed out when it became clear to those close to her that she was using narcotics while on tour. They insisted she get help for her addiction, and thus began her journey in recovery.

Demi’s recovery has not been a one-time transition from active use to sobriety. She has experienced several relapses, the most recent of which ended in a dangerous near-fatal overdose in her home. Each time she has relapsed, Demi has picked herself back up and jumped right back into her recovery. This is exactly what anyone who relapses should do. There is no benefit to wallowing in self-pity or psyching yourself out about reconnecting with your sober supports. If you want to achieve sobriety, you will push through these feelings of fear and shame in order to get back to your program of recovery that works for you.

Another part of Demi’s recovery journey that stands out is her willingness to go to any lengths for her sobriety. Despite being a wealthy and successful celebrity, Demi humbled herself and committed to staying at a sober living facility with other women in sobriety after one of her relapses. For many of us in early recovery, residing in a sober living facility is more a financial necessity than a choice. At the time, Demi owned a multi-million dollar mansion in Los Angeles, but she was told by those in her sober support network that it was not a good idea for her to live alone. She took their advice and sacrificed her privacy and comfort for the sake of her sobriety.

Demi’s path of recovery is an example to others in sobriety, illustrating the idea that recovery is a lifelong journey made up of both successes and failures. Your response to those failures can make or break your recovery, and Demi has shown that it is always possible to pick yourself up and dive back into recovery no matter how many times you fall. She has incorporated her experiences with both sobriety and active addiction into her music, offering a message of hope to those still suffering as well as those in recovery. Today she is living a life of sobriety, taking things one day at a time just like the rest of us.


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