Do I Need Help with my Substance Use?

For those in the grip of a substance abuse disorder, the world is a threatening place fraught with uncertainty. The warped perspective experienced by an alcoholic or addict often prevents them from seeing the truth of their situation - that they desperately need assistance to recover from their active addiction and transition to a healthy life in sobriety. If you are having any doubts as to your stability and health due to ongoing substance use, here are a few key signs to look for which would indicate you would benefit from treatment for a substance abuse disorder.

One major indicator that your substance abuse has gotten out of hand is your willingness to sacrifice other things in your life which were once important to you for the sake of your continued use. These could be hobbies, people, or even treasured valuables you are suddenly willing to part with in order to further your substance use. Often we rationalize the sacrifices we are making for the sake of our substance use, minimizing the significance of the loss in order to mask the truth of our situation from our conscious mind. If, in your moments of clarity, you feel this scenario hits home for you, this is a clear indicator your substance use has become a problem which is negatively impacting your life.

Another sign that substance use has graduated to substance abuse is physical dependency on the intoxicant in question. For alcohol users, this is a craving for alcohol which, if not satisfied, escalates to withdrawal symptoms that compel you to take a drink regardless of your circumstances. Similarly, a person dependent on a prescription painkiller or anti-anxiety medication will find themselves using more than the prescribed dosage as their tolerance builds, requiring them to supplement their legitimate prescription with narcotics purchased on the street or other black market source. Again, the substance abuser will rationalize their behavior to the best of their ability to avoid facing the unpleasant truth about the nature of their addiction.

There is a reason twelve step programs describe addiction as “cunning, baffling, and powerful”. The further down the rabbit hole of substance abuse a person descends, the further removed from reality they become and the harder it is for them to see the truth - that they desperately need help to recover from their plunge into a hopeless state of mind. For those questioning whether or not they have a substance abuse disorder, or for the loved ones of a person struggling with addiction, hopefully this has shed some light on how to determine whether outside help is a good idea for your situation. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we are always here to answer any questions you have, whether they be about the admissions process or general questions to determine whether treatment is necessary. Call our Admissions Counselors any time at 833-818-3031 so we may help you get yourself or your loved on the help you need to live happy, joyous, and free!