Do I need Inpatient Treatment for my Mariujana Addiction?

Addiction to marijuana is often trivialized in today’s society due to its increasing prevalence as a panacea for a variety of ailments and its destigmatization as an illicit substance. Despite its acceptance in today’s society, an addiction to marijuana can be just as devastating to one’s life as an addiction to opiates or cocaine. If you find yourself in the grip of dependence on marijuana to get through your daily life, you may be asking yourself whether it is necessary to attend a substance abuse treatment program or to attempt sobriety on your own. While it is true detox from marijuana is far from life threatening, there are plenty of other important reasons to seek professional assistance for your marijuana addiction.

First, while it is possible for you to detox yourself from marijuana with little to no risk to your life, the psychological hold marijuana has over you makes this option less than ideal. Attempting to cease your substance abuse while continuing to reside and function in an environment strongly associated with your using, with little or no barrier between you and your drug of choice, puts you at a clear and distinct disadvantage. On the other hand, admitting yourself to a treatment facility separates you from this environment and eliminates your access to marijuana for the duration of your treatment, markedly improving your chances at achieving and maintaining sobriety. While medication assisted detox will likely not be necessary for your specific situation, the supervision and environment of a detox facility is much more conducive to recovery than your present living situation.

As anyone in recovery will tell you, putting down your substance of choice is just the first step in achieving sobriety. Your dependency on marijuana developed over time as a result of some underlying mental and emotional disharmony within you, and in order to achieve long-term sobriety these issues must be addressed. This work is best accomplished with professional assistance, just the sort of aid you would receive at a substance abuse treatment center. At Evolutions, our experienced clinicians have developed a holistic program of treatment which addresses all aspects of your health. Should you opt to admit yourself to our residential treatment center, a custom tailored treatment program would be formulated based on these underlying causes of your addiction in order to maximize your chances of achieving sustained sobriety.

Marijuana addiction is as serious as any other substance abuse disorder, and recovery from marijuana dependency should be approached with the same level of care as any other addiction. While today’s society subscribes to the notion that marijuana is not a hard drug that needs to be taken seriously, this is a dangerous perspective for an addict to maintain as it may prevent you from seeking the professional help you need to recover. If you feel you may be suffering from an addiction to marijuana, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let experienced professionals help you determine the best course of action for you to take.


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