Do I Need Residential Treatment after Detox?

You have finally admitted defeat and are accepting help for you substance abuse disorder, having sought admission to a medical detox facility. If this is your first time receiving treatment for your addiction, you may be questioning the need for you to attend a residential treatment program upon discharge from detox. You may even feel you are capable of working a recovery program on your own, participating in your local 12-step recovery program after leaving detox and returning to your home. While it is possible for you to succeed in sobriety through this course of action, your chances are substantially higher if you choose to attend residential treatment for a number of reasons.

The purpose of medical detox is to stabilize you physically as your body goes through withdrawal from your substance of choice. While this is an important part of the recovery process, detox does nothing to address the underlying psychological maladies which led to your developing a substance abuse problem in the first place. Returning home following a course of detox leaves this mental and emotional healing entirely up to you, as you will have no accountability until you ensconce yourself in a 12-step recovery program and begin working with a sponsor. Hopefully you take these actions and begin working a rigorous recovery program, but you are leaving yourself open to a high risk of relapse by departing detox and immediately returning to your life and all its responsibilities and anxieties.

Residential treatment is set up as a seamless next step from medical detox, often taking place in the same building or complex in order to ease the transition from one stage of treatment to the next. It is during your time in residential treatment that the real work begins, as you spend time with your therapist and work to peel back the layers of your psyche, revealing the scars from your past which contributed to your developing an addiction. This process is facilitated by your being removed from society and all its distractions, allowing you to focus entirely on working your recovery during this critical early stage. This is why it is always recommended you participate in a residential inpatient treatment program following a stay at a medical detox facility, lest you waste the effort put forth in detox by returning home to old thought patterns, behaviors, and eventually your substance of choice.

If you are serious about attempting recovery and getting sober, you should absolutely opt to attend a residential treatment program upon completing a course of medical detox. Inpatient treatment provides you both the clinical help to address the mental and emotional maladies which lead to your addiction as well as an environment in which your sole focus is the work you need to do in order to recover. At Evolutions, we strive to make the transition from detox to residential treatment as simple and painless as possible, offering a safe comfortable living environment for our clients to grow and thrive in their early recovery. If you are debating whether residential treatment is appropriate for your specific situation, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and let professionals help you make an informed decision that best serves your sobriety efforts.