Do I Really Need to do a 90 in 90?

As you settle in to your local 12 step recovery community, you will hear from both your sponsor and your sober supports the importance of doing a “90 in 90”. This refers to attending 90 meetings in 90 days, one meeting per day. This may sound like a substantial task to commit to, but when broken down into a daily and weekly commitment it appears much more reasonable. You may feel as though it is too much to ask to attend a meeting every day, as perhaps your work or IOP schedule is quite demanding. How important is a 90 in 90 to your success in recovery?

A 90 in 90 is a great way to establish a habit of attending meetings. This is important for those early in recovery, as 12-step meetings are where you are going to find guidance and support during this complicated transitory phase in your sobriety. When meetings become a normal part of your day, and attending a meeting every day becomes second nature, you are far more likely to stay sober than if you are only attending a few meetings a week.

Another important part of a 90 in 90 is demonstrating your willingness and integrity. Most sponsors will ask their sponsee to complete a 90 in 90 to demonstrate their willingness and commitment to a program of recovery. In our active addiciton, we rarely kept our word and followed through with commitments, so this is an opportunity early on to break that habit and form a new one rooted in integrity and responsibility. By taking on this commitment and following through with it, you are forming a new, healthy behavior pattern in your life that will go a long way towards your working a successful program of recovery.

A 90 in 90 serves many purposes for those in early recovery - it establishes a habit of meeting attendance, integrates you into the recovery community, and provides an opportunity for you to make a commitment and stick to it. While it may be difficult to adhere to this commitment and make a meeting every day, you are capable of making it happen, especially here in South Florida where meetings are happening virtually every hour of the day. Make this important shift from a lack of integrity to a person who follows through on their commitments and complete a 90 in 90 in early sobriety. Your recovery will benefit from this action, as will your self esteem!